Build 2015 – A much more open Microsoft

If you were expecting a hoard of product announcements and a couple of new flagships, then you will be disappointed by this years Build, where Microsoft focused entirely on software and development in this years conference. Sure, this is Build, but still would’ve been nice to see something else, however since the keynote, quite aContinue reading “Build 2015 – A much more open Microsoft”

Will Adobe Flash 10.1 Improve Mac Performance

Adobe has promised better flash performance in the upcoming version of Flash 10.1, which is currently (since Nov 2009) been available as a beta for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. This information, from Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch comes just a few weeks after Apple’s introduction to the iPad and Steve Jobs rather aggressive reasoning toContinue reading “Will Adobe Flash 10.1 Improve Mac Performance”

Blog Saturday 17th January 2009 – Demons Update and ITV Player!

Demons Update! Episode 3 – Saving Grace The return of Galvin’s wife’s murderer, Mr Tibbs sets the vampire hunter on a path of vengeance. This leads to Galvin breaking into Tibbs’ lair and having to be rescued from a group of half-lives. Thirst for revenge still not quenched, he and Luke find themselves walking intoContinue reading “Blog Saturday 17th January 2009 – Demons Update and ITV Player!”