Could Google really be considering using Apple’s ‘Swift’ programming language for Android?

According to growing reports, Google could be considering making Swift, Apple’s object-oriented programming language forward as a “first-class” (first choice) language for the Android platform. Such move wouldn’t be an attempt to completely replace Android’s current “first class” programming language of Java, or at least short term, but the option could come to it. TheContinue reading “Could Google really be considering using Apple’s ‘Swift’ programming language for Android?”

Flashback 2007: iPhone 1st Generation Competition?

With Apple fresh on the heels of a whole new design and user interface in iOS 7 and likely their entire future roadmap, we thought it would be quite fitting to go back to the days of the first iPhone, the one that started it off, the one that revolutionized the entire mobile industry! …Continue reading “Flashback 2007: iPhone 1st Generation Competition?”

MeBoy, anybody tried it?

You may think your too old to play GameBoy and GameBoy Colour games, but we’re not talking about playing them on a GameBoy, no! Your Phone. The MeBoy which can be downloaded on our websites from the Roms Section, the MeBoy allows you to play these games on a Java phone. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Only worksContinue reading “MeBoy, anybody tried it?”