Blog Sunday 2nd October 2011

Since my last blog … well, not much has happened, which is good as I can’t really be assed typing much today, so woo about that I suppose. College College this week has been a bit less annoying than last week, mainly due to the fact that I didn’t have to spend my back upContinue reading “Blog Sunday 2nd October 2011”

Apple iPhone Event confirmed for October 4th!

Apple iPhone Event Announced Confirmed by Apple through invites, the upcoming October 4th Event that had been cerculating around the rumour-mill for a while has been confirmed to be taking place in the form of a simple Apple invitation. Around this time of the year is usually where we expect to hear about updates toContinue reading “Apple iPhone Event confirmed for October 4th!”

iTunes Store (US) offering free streaming of unreleased Red Hot Chilli Pepper album

Apple have done something rather interesting with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and their unreleased album ‘I’m With You’ by, for the first time ever on iTunes, offering the album before its actual release to be streamed online for free. I’m With You will be the tenth studio album by Red Hot Chilli Peppers andContinue reading “iTunes Store (US) offering free streaming of unreleased Red Hot Chilli Pepper album”

Apple releases 10.4.1 update for iTunes

Apple today released iTunes 10.4.1, bringing a handful of bug fixes to the company’s media management and syncing software. The bug fixes target a number of areas, including media keys on third-party keyboards, artwork addition, movie purchasing, responsiveness, and VoiceOver. iTunes 10.4.1 provides a number of improvements, including: Fixes a problem where the media keys onContinue reading “Apple releases 10.4.1 update for iTunes”

Apple Updates 20th July 2011 – OSX Lion, MacBook Airs replace MacBooks and more!

Ah Apple, love em or hate them you can’t ignore them, and today Apple made a team of updates all at once. Mac OS X Lionfinally got released for the bargain price of £20.99, Apple unleashed new MacBook Airs and Mac Mini updates, stopped selling the white MacBook, released a new 64-bit capable version of iTunes for Lion, and released new Cinema Display. Toadd to that Apple have recordContinue reading “Apple Updates 20th July 2011 – OSX Lion, MacBook Airs replace MacBooks and more!”

Apple September 1st 2010 Event – iTunes 10

Introducing iTunes 10, a whole new logo, but is it the whole new iTunes we’ve been wanting? First Look iTunes 10 has had a few UI tweaks, including the (on a Mac) the traffic light controls are now laid out sidewards to house a more cleaner top, it doesn’t even say iTunes within the app.Continue reading “Apple September 1st 2010 Event – iTunes 10”

iTunes LP Review – How this makes iTunes Top the Rest!

If you’ve ever had the impossible task of persuading someone older than 40 that digital music is the way to go they’ll probably shatter you in the face with jibber-jabber that its always better to get the CD itself, then they’ll probably brag about vinyl and all the extras you got with then, and forContinue reading “iTunes LP Review – How this makes iTunes Top the Rest!”

Apple Music Event September 2009 – 09/09/09 – Quick Run Through

September 09th of the 09th month, 09, didn’t seem like much of a different day to the 8th or 10th of September, but one thing did happen that only happens once a year, and that was Apple’s annual music event. Apple’s music events have always been held in September October time, so no surprise! Steve’sContinue reading “Apple Music Event September 2009 – 09/09/09 – Quick Run Through”

Blog Tuesday 11th August 2009 – Week alone, Sleep overs, New Apple Purchase and more!

You know when you feel tired at the wrong time, well I do now, just to let ya know that. Anyway, back to the story in hand, … … OH YES, the blog! Week Alone Call me weird, but I love it when the house is empty, and I got a real treat last weekContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 11th August 2009 – Week alone, Sleep overs, New Apple Purchase and more!”

iPhone OS 3.0.1

Apple have released to the world of iPhone, a new update, version 3.0.1. The update, unlike all previous updates will not be available for the iPod Touch, and that reason is going to soon become rather clear! Whats in iPhone OS 3.0.1 I must stress that this is not the upcoming 3.1, I just haveContinue reading “iPhone OS 3.0.1”

iPhone/iPod Touch App Review : Bounce On!

Price: £2.39 / Free Lite/Demo Version also available. Review This is quite possibly the easiest game to start using, you have literally one control, you touch to jump, and turn left and right to move. Whilst the scenario of gameplay sounds rather boring it becomes very addictive, I’ve had this game for two weeks nowContinue reading “iPhone/iPod Touch App Review : Bounce On!”

MacWorld 2009 – The Results

Expect all Mac in this blog!!! (Note: This blog is huuuggge, and not just because I spelt huge like that) New 17″ MacBook Pro If they weren’t good enough already! OK, don’t moan if you purchased a MacBook Pro for christmas and its the old one, everyone knows about the J months and Apple, tryContinue reading “MacWorld 2009 – The Results”