Blog Friday 3rd December 2010 – Snow, -20˚C, alot of it! and … what not!

Well its definitely been a while since my last blog hasn’t it, but if I’m been perfectly honest, we’ve reached that stage of the year where nothing kinda happens until the 25th, then kaboom, its a new year! I’d be lying if somethings haven’t happened recently and I’d also be lying if I was toContinue reading “Blog Friday 3rd December 2010 – Snow, -20˚C, alot of it! and … what not!”

Apple release iOS 4.2 – Is It Worth It For iPhone?

Apple have released (today) iOS 4.2 for iPhone and iPad. Now whilst the update boasts many new updates to the amazingment that is the iPhone operating system, all upgrades seem to be for the iPad, so whats in it for the iPhone, well, lets see. Find My iPhone! If you’ve any reason to get iOSContinue reading “Apple release iOS 4.2 – Is It Worth It For iPhone?”

Ning introduces All-New Future Plans, but free users will pay for it, literally!

NING, since starting out in 2004, is the best way for anyone to get a full featured website that literally does anything, now with integration with Flickr, FaceBook and Twitter as well as FaceBook-like social network features plus the abilities to add all sources of media content by uploading or embed as well as blogsContinue reading “Ning introduces All-New Future Plans, but free users will pay for it, literally!”

April 2010 – Apple Updates MacBook Pro Specs, but that’s about it.

Apple today updated the specs on the MacBook Pro line-up, the 13, 15 and 17 inch models all got a spec update which should keep them up to date for the next few months or so. The update includes, as expected, Intel’s new mobile Core i5 and i7 chips as well as some updated NVidiaContinue reading “April 2010 – Apple Updates MacBook Pro Specs, but that’s about it.”

Is the iPhone 3GS worth it for current iPhone or iPhone 3G users?

(Image showing original iPhone (left) and the iPhone 3G black back) Now remember back, the release of the first iPhone available in 4GB and 8GB models, a touch screen iPod, a revolutionary internet device and a phone, actually more-or-less how Steve Jobs announced it, along with iPhone Software 1.0. But to be honest that wasContinue reading “Is the iPhone 3GS worth it for current iPhone or iPhone 3G users?”

Is the Nintendo DSi Worth It?

Only a few weeks now since Nintendo started shipping whats called the Nintendo DSi, the latest update to the DS series, but is that all it is, just an update, if you compare it with the PSP, many feel the PSP 3000 is just a design upgrade and no real change to even the originalContinue reading “Is the Nintendo DSi Worth It?”

Blog Wednesday 7th May 2008

If anyone is a fan of the Keane font that was exclusively used on the UTIS album and singles, RKUK have a download link on MP3ME section, also, Nathan I haven’t forgotton, Elvis will be put on, I’ve been given a list and they will be added! Today I swept through an IT exam, MrContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 7th May 2008”

Blog Friday 2nd May 2008

I can’t believe people are still going on about Chris’ ordeal yesterday, unbelievable “I know broadband for £6.99 a month” sorry couldn’t resist! Elsewhere was a random English lesson, boring IT lesson with DuLally (Mr Lally) and to add to that a highly amusing Maths test! Back to Chris, in the morning Chris got aContinue reading “Blog Friday 2nd May 2008”

Blog Thursday 1st May 2008

Today I started the day off with passing an IT test, WAHOO!!! But trust me that is not the end of that! Keep reading cos theirs alot to come! Games today was probably the most epic games lesson you can get, we hadn’t even got changed and it all started to kick off, Dom (IContinue reading “Blog Thursday 1st May 2008”

Girls – My Regrets – Blew It!

>First Chance, Second Chance etc Blew It Yep, anyone who knows me knows who I’m talking about, the princess that is Mary!!! The first time I realised I loved Mary wasn’t actually when we first met, we met because of Richard and we were hanging around at break and dinnertime and my love for herContinue reading “Girls – My Regrets – Blew It!”

Blog Monday 28th April 2008

Today was like most Mondays really, until I.T when I upset a technician by launching my own web browser through their computers, for some reason he seemed offended, typical technician, he didn’t even know how it was made, heh, the shame! Meanwhile nothing much, speaking of the browser, you can download the browser for freeContinue reading “Blog Monday 28th April 2008”

This song explains my love life in a nut shell, its like the songs talking to me!

From the shelter of your home As you walk into the rain Send a message that you know she’ll hear Though she’s far away Even though you have been wrong before She’ll hear you now You know she will But you don’t know how From the shelter of the rain As you walk into theContinue reading “This song explains my love life in a nut shell, its like the songs talking to me!”