Google to add native Maps app to iOS6

Apple’s biggest criticism of the new iOS 6, and the new iPhone 5, is the lack of Google applications, namely YouTube and Maps. But it seems Google has some pity upon their iFriends out there by bringing their apps to the App Store, latest being Maps. YouTube The YouTube app on iOS is missing inContinue reading “Google to add native Maps app to iOS6”

Google Voice coming to iOS?

Google will soon release an update to its iOS search application. Akin to the search features recently introduced in Android 4.1, the new search app offers vocalized responses and understands natural speech patterns, such as “what’s the weather like today?” The application’s user interface will also receive a makeover, following suit with Google’s simple whiteContinue reading “Google Voice coming to iOS?”

Apple release iOS 6 Beta 4 with no dedicated YouTube app

As noted by several who’ve received the update, Apple’s new iOS 6 Beta 4 just released to developers removes the dedicated YouTube app that has been included on the iPhone operating system since its launch in 2007. The reason for the removal is unclear, although speculation naturally turns to the strained relationship between Apple and Google. Aside from YouTube, Apple’sContinue reading “Apple release iOS 6 Beta 4 with no dedicated YouTube app”

Sky launch new service Sky Now TV

British broadcaster Sky has announced that its new Internet-based, on-demand TV service Now TV will be launching on Android and other platforms tomorrow. Competing with the UK’s LoveFilm and the recently-launched Netflix, Now TV promises customers an “easy and commitment-free way to enjoy amazing movies, instantly.” The first round of content will be taken fromContinue reading “Sky launch new service Sky Now TV”

FaceBook to vastly speed up iOS App

Facebook engineers are completely rewriting the social network iOS app to make it faster. The app, which has been criticized by many users for being extremely slow, was built using the HTML5 Web-based programming language. It makes the app much easier for Facebook’s engineers to port to other platforms like Android or Windows Mobile —Continue reading “FaceBook to vastly speed up iOS App”

Windows Phone impressing Developers over Rival Platforms

If a survey done by VisionMobile is anything to go by, Windows Phone just keeps looking up with 57% of developers plan to adopt Windows Phone over the competition, whereas 35% and 28% voted Android and iOS respectively. Developer Adoption Whats impressive about these results is how Windows Phone has done in comparison to aContinue reading “Windows Phone impressing Developers over Rival Platforms”

Windows Phone UI Test – Better than iOS or Android?

Quick answer, yes. When Microsoft unveiled the Windows Phone 7 operating system, probably one of the number 1 thing it had going for it at the time was the all new Metro UI, which since them has seen on X-Box and Windows 8. Apps on Windows Phone don’t just look a little bit different though,Continue reading “Windows Phone UI Test – Better than iOS or Android?”

Apple WWDC 2012 – iOS 6 and Mountain Lion, MacBook Air/Pro and Mac Pro updated, new MacBook Pro Retina

Beginning After an odd introduction by Siri, which wasn’t as funny as the classic Mac and PC, but still pretty good, the keynote was ready to start. The keynote kicks off with a much more witty it seemed Tim Cook who highlighted the usual year on year overview of progress and numbers, then a videoContinue reading “Apple WWDC 2012 – iOS 6 and Mountain Lion, MacBook Air/Pro and Mac Pro updated, new MacBook Pro Retina”

RKUK Media blogging all through the month of Smartphone Updates

June – The Month of Smartphone Updates? With Apples WWDC in just a couple of days (June 11th) and Microsoft hosting a Windows Phone 8 announcement of the 20th, plus rumours of Google Android Jelly Bean being introduced, could this be the month where everything changes in Smartphones? Probably. And us at RKUK Media willContinue reading “RKUK Media blogging all through the month of Smartphone Updates”

Is the iPhone 4S worth it for existing iPhone 4 users?

Its that time again, another Apple device has arrived and of course many are going to be queuing on Friday to get their hands on it, but why, isn’t what you’ve already got enough. Its that time again, is the new iPhone 4S worth it for existing iPhone 4 users. iOS 5 iOS 5 willContinue reading “Is the iPhone 4S worth it for existing iPhone 4 users?”

Apple iPhone Event confirmed for October 4th!

Apple iPhone Event Announced Confirmed by Apple through invites, the upcoming October 4th Event that had been cerculating around the rumour-mill for a while has been confirmed to be taking place in the form of a simple Apple invitation. Around this time of the year is usually where we expect to hear about updates toContinue reading “Apple iPhone Event confirmed for October 4th!”