MWC 14 Day 0: Huawei MediaPad X1 (7inch phone)

Here’s one for the “why?” list, Huawei have announced something we kind of expected to come, but didn’t want to come at the same time, a phone that actually just is a tablet, enter the MediaPad X1. Huawei is going with a relatively unknown Kirin 910 1.6 GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, the customContinue reading “MWC 14 Day 0: Huawei MediaPad X1 (7inch phone)”

Nokia Lumia 929 / 1520 = Is this the future of Windows Phone?

Over the last few weeks some pretty major Nokia Lumia handsets have now leaked with rendered, and in some case physical, shots, the Lumia 929 (left) and the Lumia 1520. Both devices are expected to house big displays around 5 inch, the new Windows Phone GDR3 update featuring support for 1080p hardware, Quad Core processors asContinue reading “Nokia Lumia 929 / 1520 = Is this the future of Windows Phone?”

Apple MacBook Pro Update = Sandy Bridge, Thunderbolt and more!

Today Apple shocked the crowd … OK they didn’t we saw it coming, but anyway, Apple has updated its MacBook Pro line and from afar you probably can’t tell that they’ve changed it, even though the ports have changed, next to the previous gen still look the same, more on that in a minute. ContraryContinue reading “Apple MacBook Pro Update = Sandy Bridge, Thunderbolt and more!”

Apple July 2010 Update – iMac Spec Bumps

Apple today have unleashed some spec bumps to the full line-up of the iMac line. The most notably in which is the replacement of Intels Core 2 Duo with Intels more powerful Core-i3 as well as some fantastic graphics for your money. Here are the full specs of the new iMac line. 21.5 inch modelContinue reading “Apple July 2010 Update – iMac Spec Bumps”

Apple 21.5" iMac (late-2009) 10-day Review

Welcome to my 10-day review of the 21.5″ iMac. All I can say very quickly is, wow how fast this is compared to my aluminium MacBook, that just amazed me, although the specs do reflect this, its just awesome. Specs 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 4GB DDR3 RAM (up to 16GB) 500GB 7200RPM Hard DriveContinue reading “Apple 21.5" iMac (late-2009) 10-day Review”

Blog Sunday 24th January 2010 – New iMac and more

Well this has been a rather exciting weekend to be honest, well lets face it I’ve had an exciting Sunday. First of all I’ve got a 21.5″ iMac for £732, more on why it was that much in a minute. The iMac I’ve got has a 3.06Ghz Intel dual core processor, 4GB of DDR3 RAM,Continue reading “Blog Sunday 24th January 2010 – New iMac and more”

Blog Christmas Eve … Eve December 23rd 2009

Welcome to the eve of Christmas Eve, oh yes, its almost Christmas, as in its only 2 days as of writing this, but to be honest I’m actually not looking forward to Christmas this year, I’m not saying I’m a Scrooge, although I do hate snow, which the weather has definitely been delivering rather worldwideContinue reading “Blog Christmas Eve … Eve December 23rd 2009”

MacWorld 2009 – The Results

Expect all Mac in this blog!!! (Note: This blog is huuuggge, and not just because I spelt huge like that) New 17″ MacBook Pro If they weren’t good enough already! OK, don’t moan if you purchased a MacBook Pro for christmas and its the old one, everyone knows about the J months and Apple, tryContinue reading “MacWorld 2009 – The Results”