Blog Saturday 24th October 2009

I’m fresh from just doing the X-Factor tweeting and thanks to all the people who have @’d me with feedback from the show, anyway back to the blog, and may I just say what is wrong with me a lately, I haven’t been writing much blog recently have I, and ya know what the excuseContinue reading “Blog Saturday 24th October 2009”

Blog Monday 28th September 2009 – Quite a nice Monday really!

Now I am what you could call an opposite to everything, what do I mean, well, caffeine makes me wake up rather than tired, that sorta thing, and today I proved another one of those things is correct. Have you heard the term shattered glass brings bad luck, or is it just mirrors, hmm, letsContinue reading “Blog Monday 28th September 2009 – Quite a nice Monday really!”

Blog Tuesday 23rd June 2009 – The Devil's Rectum + 2 Weeks in a Paragraph

What’s been going on, it’s been more or less 2 weeks since my last blog, busy? Not really. Eventful? Well …. had the moments, some in which are just wrong! Monday and The Devil’s Rectum The title is not to be ignored lightly because that’s what it was, it was the waters of hell! AnywayContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 23rd June 2009 – The Devil's Rectum + 2 Weeks in a Paragraph”

Blog Monday 12th – Saturday 17th 2009 – The Week in Whole!

Expect: Day off freedom again, Nice visit to the dentist?, My laptop stolen in repair, and more! College Week This week has been the second Emily-less weeks, if you don’t know Emily is, you really need to back track, bad style, actually getting quite worried, oh well. On Monday I had a rather fluent dayContinue reading “Blog Monday 12th – Saturday 17th 2009 – The Week in Whole!”

Blog Thursday 22nd May 2008

Today didn’t really go perfect, it turns out if I’m to complete my IT tests I’ve to come after an exam in the future, oo! Also today something no one but Rob really wanted to do, today we were planning on filming the Dr Conrad Movie but Rob decided to walk to Tesco, in Batley,Continue reading “Blog Thursday 22nd May 2008”

39261 views in 2 weeks on RKUK Online!

During the holiday season we decided to count how much views we got from the community, WE MUST NOTE: RKUKs own views are not counted in this counter as the counter doesn’t count our I.P address, so we can’t update the amount. Anyway back to the story, if you want to check the results, clickContinue reading “39261 views in 2 weeks on RKUK Online!”

Lyric: ‘Thin Air’ Dedicated to Mary

I can’t keep up You’re moving too fast Deep holes and darkness These things will part Dark times and strange places where When I came to see you You had nothing to say I stood right beside you You turned the other way I reached out to hold you And found nobody there You turnContinue reading “Lyric: ‘Thin Air’ Dedicated to Mary”