Garageband finally arrives on iPhone and iPod Touch!!!

Not only have Apple released an update for existing iPad Garageband users, they’ve done it, what? They’ve put Garageband on the iPhone and iPod Touch. This is awesome!!! The iPad update also delivered some additional features for the version including some bug fixes; – Universal app designed for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch  – CreateContinue reading “Garageband finally arrives on iPhone and iPod Touch!!!”

Blog Wednesday 28th January 2009 – Apple iLife ’09 now shipping, beat that Microsoft!

Oh yeh, just to let you all know that Apple are now shipping iLife ’09 with all new Macs and as an upgrade for £79 or you can get it for £58 if you visit the RKUK Apple Store, we’ve loads of discounts for you there, seriously recommend it, goto RKUK Online then scroll downContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 28th January 2009 – Apple iLife ’09 now shipping, beat that Microsoft!”

MacWorld 2009 – The Results

Expect all Mac in this blog!!! (Note: This blog is huuuggge, and not just because I spelt huge like that) New 17″ MacBook Pro If they weren’t good enough already! OK, don’t moan if you purchased a MacBook Pro for christmas and its the old one, everyone knows about the J months and Apple, tryContinue reading “MacWorld 2009 – The Results”

Apple’s new technological masterpiece!

Apple are known for the iPod, iTunes, iLife (yes their is such thing) and more recently the iPhone, oh and not forgetting the awsome Mac which only have an i if you get the iMac. This is a quick overview of Apples newest upcoming things as announced from Steve Jobs recently in both the USContinue reading “Apple’s new technological masterpiece!”