Nokia Lumia 930 – Review

It’s nearly two years, yes two years, since Nokia released their Lumia 920 Smartphone supporting Windows Phone 8.0 to the world, and now here we are with the follow up, and the Windows Phone 8.1 flagship, the Lumia 930. But, the big question needs asking, is the Lumia 930 all it’s cracked up to be, andContinue reading “Nokia Lumia 930 – Review”

Nokia Lumia 929 / Lumia Icon Officially Released + Review

It’s happened the Lumia 929, a 5 inch 1080p all bells and whistles Windows Phone device exclusive to Verizon, but how does it stack up, well obviously RKUK Media is a UK based company so we can’t really test out a Lumia device only on a US Carrier, and since a 5 inch 1080p WindowsContinue reading “Nokia Lumia 929 / Lumia Icon Officially Released + Review”