Apple iBooks team retweet something they shouldn’t!

The Apple iBookstore Twitter account accidentally retweeted an obscene message last night, reports 9to5Mac. The message read, cover your eyes folks “Let me suck a dick and tell you how much I love introspective novels” @scottsimpson Yeah, whilst the message may not make much sense to many, this was retweeted by the official iBooksstore TwitterContinue reading “Apple iBooks team retweet something they shouldn’t!”

Apple WWDC 2010 – iPhone 4

Apple recently made a YouTube channel simply, so rather easy to remember. The great thing about this is that Apple have added the entire WWDC 2010 show on so everyone can watch it. iPhone 4 You will struggle not to mention the iPhone 4 when talking about WWDC 2010, in fact you’ll struggle justContinue reading “Apple WWDC 2010 – iPhone 4”

Apple iPad – First Thoughts

Apple is a powerful company, even Microsoft can’t not admit that, but its the way Apple is powerful which constantly sets them off for new heights. Take the iPad for example. The iPad had over 5 years of rumours spreading around of people wondering what it would do and feature, the problem with this isContinue reading “Apple iPad – First Thoughts”