Holiday Blog Sunday 7th August 2011

Having not posted anything throughout the month of July you’re probably thinking my god Ben you are just taking the piss in the laws of laziness, well … kinda, but its the holidays so everyone is kinda occupied and of course I’ve been undergoing a massive revamp of the RKUK Media website so things haveContinue reading “Holiday Blog Sunday 7th August 2011”

Blog Thursday 16th April 2009 – The end of a very long holiday!!!

Well, not a long one it was only two weeks and I didn’t really enjoy any of the eggs I got, but who cares. So whats happened since my rather drunken event in the life of err… me. The return to the brewery Well, believe it or not I risked my life by returning toContinue reading “Blog Thursday 16th April 2009 – The end of a very long holiday!!!”

Blog Holiday 2008

Just come back from holiday from skeggy, whether was british, I’ll say that much, got a phone on T-Mobile, a Sagem my721X, awesome phone, wish I could say the same about the network, T-Mobile is S.H.I you know the rest. I’m actually taking it back because of T-Mobile rather than the phone, which is annoying…veryContinue reading “Blog Holiday 2008”

Bank Holiday Weekend Blog 23rd-26th May 2008

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t expect the eurovision results, anyway, in certain days this weekend we were suppose to be recording Dr Conrad and everytime thats come so far we either can’t be assed or someone doesn’t turn up but Tuesday is going to be the day of beginning! I’m telling yaContinue reading “Bank Holiday Weekend Blog 23rd-26th May 2008”

Bank Holiday Weekend Blog

Better late than never I always say. This weekend me and Robert finished and released the ARKASUS Multi Screen web browser which as I’ve said before is just nuts. On Monday we didn’t do much actually, we went to Heckmondwike and then back, nought really to report, sorry! Ben

The last school holiday is finally over!

I’m possibly the only person that thinks this holiday has dragged, but it has been quite an adventurous holiday so I guess thats about right! Doesn’t quite feel like the same holiday which is actually for Easter but their you go. This is the last school holiday I’m going to have as at the endContinue reading “The last school holiday is finally over!”