Everything Everything – Get In Heaven Album Review

It doesn’t seem that long since we were reviewing the second album by Everything Everything, Arc, but here we are again with this, their third and from what we’re hearing so far, it’s going down as one of our favourites, Get to Heaven. The good thing about Get to Heaven is it really plays trueContinue reading “Everything Everything – Get In Heaven Album Review”

Garageband finally arrives on iPhone and iPod Touch!!!

Not only have Apple released an update for existing iPad Garageband users, they’ve done it, what? They’ve put Garageband on the iPhone and iPod Touch. This is awesome!!! The iPad update also delivered some additional features for the version including some bug fixes; – Universal app designed for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch  – CreateContinue reading “Garageband finally arrives on iPhone and iPod Touch!!!”

How to get iWork '09 free from Apple.com Full Version!!!

iWork in case you didn’t know is Apple’s equivalent to Microsoft Office, including Pages (Word) Numbers (Excel) and Keynote (PowerPoint) . Since iWork ’09 Apple started a new licensing method so their would be no serials on box purchases of iWork ’09, only from trial version upgrades from the trial downloaded from Apple’s iLife website.Continue reading “How to get iWork '09 free from Apple.com Full Version!!!”

Should you really get a MacBook, or save up and get a MacBook Pro

Apple have three laptops in their current range, the MacBook, MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro! For this were gonna forget the Air for a bit and talk about the ones that are worth talking about the MacBook and the Pro! Many people who have a MacBook Pro, end up doing things that could beContinue reading “Should you really get a MacBook, or save up and get a MacBook Pro”