Flashback 2007: iPhone 1st Generation Competition?

With Apple fresh on the heels of a whole new design and user interface in iOS 7 and likely their entire future roadmap, we thought it would be quite fitting to go back to the days of the first iPhone, the one that started it off, the one that revolutionized the entire mobile industry! …Continue reading “Flashback 2007: iPhone 1st Generation Competition?”

Microsoft talks Solitaire, but hints on some cool Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 Game Integration

Solitaire, Minesweeper, Freecell, I could go on, they’ve been the forefront of the legendary “included Windows games” forever now, but it now seems that Microsoft Windows, starting with Windows 8, will not come bundled with these games, and will only be available as a seperate install from the Windows Store. The game is still howeverContinue reading “Microsoft talks Solitaire, but hints on some cool Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 Game Integration”

GTA to officially arrive to the Mac App Store by Rockstar Games!

  Grand Theft Auto is probably Rockstar Games most recognisable title they have, and whilst playing them on the Mac using Cider was about bearable for high spec Macs at the time, when they finally came to DVD for the Mac last year it was great to see Rockstar on the Mac platform. But DVDsContinue reading “GTA to officially arrive to the Mac App Store by Rockstar Games!”

Blog Thursday 1st May 2008

Today I started the day off with passing an IT test, WAHOO!!! But trust me that is not the end of that! Keep reading cos theirs alot to come! Games today was probably the most epic games lesson you can get, we hadn’t even got changed and it all started to kick off, Dom (IContinue reading “Blog Thursday 1st May 2008”

Blog Tuesday 22nd April 2008

Today I had a years of exercise in games which was quite amusing, also a god damn resistant test which was as you can imaging amusing! It seems that the strike is going to be as I haven’t herd any source of it being cancelled so all been well it will go on I don’tContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 22nd April 2008”

Blog Wednesday 16th April 2008

Today started with a bang you could say, first lesson, games, hit on the head with a cricket ball!!! It bluddy hurt an’all, I’m almost glad I got out, even though I couldn’t remember a thing for about an hour! I’ve added a lot of new channels to TV but I’m going to write aContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 16th April 2008”

Blog Tuesday 8th April 2008

Theirs something about today which has made it really rubbish, don’t know what actually! Probably the combination of Mr Brocklesby and Games, ugh, well just Mr Brock! Nothings happened which is quite unusual, yr10s are on work ex so it doesn’t quite help make the last school days any more fun, but heh, atleast theirContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 8th April 2008”