Week Blog Monday 5th – Friday 9th January 2009

This week, if I can say that, more on that later, has been quite a good come back and I suppose one reason why is because a week wasn’t really a week! Thanks to Andrew being meaning Wednesday was never to be, meaning both Wednesday and Thursday days off, and Friday featured a lesson fromContinue reading “Week Blog Monday 5th – Friday 9th January 2009”

Weekend Blog 13th – 14th December 2008

Well its been a pretty uneventful weekend, but why not blog eh. X-Factor Winner and Single So yesterday, Eoghan rightfully came third and it was between JLS and Alexandra, oo, what a surprise that one was. First and second performances I have to say JLS came top but when it was in between Boyzone, WestlifeContinue reading “Weekend Blog 13th – 14th December 2008”

Blog Friday 12th September 2008

Well I started college on Monday and upto Wednesday I was starting at like 10:30 and finishing somewhat to 3pm, then I got my timetable and it all stops, 9am, but i suppose its not all bad, seen as I start at 1:30PM on tuesdays and theirs of course, the Thursday day off, which isContinue reading “Blog Friday 12th September 2008”

Blog Friday 16th May 2008

If today could get more stressing I might explode, in the short spam of three hours I’ve broke a phone, run to a test, gone in the wrong row for the test and now I need a new phone, to add to that in P.S.E I couldn’t remember the Liberal Demotwats and today overalls beenContinue reading “Blog Friday 16th May 2008”

Blog Friday 9th May 2008

Next week the exams start and I’m f**kin sh****g myself right now, really! Nought much different happened today in fact same old, my previous blog explains how I’m currently feeling about life at the moment! On a good note, again not about me, the browser 1.2 is released tomorrow night!!! Woopty-Doo! Ben http://rkukonline.ds4a.com

Blog Friday 2nd May 2008

I can’t believe people are still going on about Chris’ ordeal yesterday, unbelievable “I know broadband for £6.99 a month” sorry couldn’t resist! Elsewhere was a random English lesson, boring IT lesson with DuLally (Mr Lally) and to add to that a highly amusing Maths test! Back to Chris, in the morning Chris got aContinue reading “Blog Friday 2nd May 2008”

Blog Friday 25th April 2008

Today I added to my Elvis amongo in English after yesterdays sing-a-long in detention, you see, the reason I don’t have alot of detentions is not because I’m a geek and love school, its because teachers hate extra time with me, because I’m guaranteed to stress them out! Don’t know if Ste has noticed theContinue reading “Blog Friday 25th April 2008”

Blog Friday 18th April 2008

Well today I didn’t get hit on the head with any source of sport balls which is a relief! James S was tired out of his head, in other words “stoned” he says “he slept half a minute”, ouch! I’ve added Price-Drop tv to TV if anyone is really bothered about watching live shopping channels!Continue reading “Blog Friday 18th April 2008”

No Show this week, what a shame :D

Yes I’m sure your all completly gutted, the reason for this is that our “studio” so to speak is been re-decorated and so we won’t have a show in the weekend, we’re not sure about Sunday, but Saturday is definatly off and probably the same to Friday afternoon too! We will be back to normalContinue reading “No Show this week, what a shame :D”

Blog Friday 4th April 2008

Got up about 4:30PM, bluddy alarm and crap quilt, but enough about that! Today I’ve added another MP3ME, this time for Fightstar for you rockers out their! Got quite stressed when Carly started insulting me for no reason, but she stopped, finally!!! Thats all girls do to me is insult me, huh. Seriously I needContinue reading “Blog Friday 4th April 2008”