Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 brings Flash Compatibility to iOS?

Adobe Flash has always been the shortcoming when it comes to using iOS devices, which was highly emphasised with the release of the iPad in 2010. But that shortcoming could be set to change with the release of Adobe’s Flash Media Server 4.5. “With Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5, media publishers now have a single,Continue reading “Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 brings Flash Compatibility to iOS?”

Ping Chat! Review – BBM for everyone?

Ping Chat! “The World’s Most Popular Free Text, Picture and Video Messaging app for mobile devices” That’s all good, but could Ping! Chat be the BBM for iOS and Android users out there? Maybe, I mean, come on, this service is also available for Blackberry as well. Well, curious, we had a look and testedContinue reading “Ping Chat! Review – BBM for everyone?”

iTunes Store (US) offering free streaming of unreleased Red Hot Chilli Pepper album

Apple have done something rather interesting with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and their unreleased album ‘I’m With You’ by, for the first time ever on iTunes, offering the album before its actual release to be streamed online for free. I’m With You will be the tenth studio album by Red Hot Chilli Peppers andContinue reading “iTunes Store (US) offering free streaming of unreleased Red Hot Chilli Pepper album”

Using FaceTime on Mac OSX

FaceTime is the technology behind the video calling functionality on Apple’s new iPhone 4 and then the forth generation iPod Touch, and now its even on the Mac. So, what’s it like. FaceTime for the Mac is still in beta, but is a free download and runs on Mac OSX Snow Leopard, lack of LeopardContinue reading “Using FaceTime on Mac OSX”

Apple release iOS 4.2 – Is It Worth It For iPhone?

Apple have released (today) iOS 4.2 for iPhone and iPad. Now whilst the update boasts many new updates to the amazingment that is the iPhone operating system, all upgrades seem to be for the iPad, so whats in it for the iPhone, well, lets see. Find My iPhone! If you’ve any reason to get iOSContinue reading “Apple release iOS 4.2 – Is It Worth It For iPhone?”

Ning introduces All-New Future Plans, but free users will pay for it, literally!

NING, since starting out in 2004, is the best way for anyone to get a full featured website that literally does anything, now with integration with Flickr, FaceBook and Twitter as well as FaceBook-like social network features plus the abilities to add all sources of media content by uploading or embed as well as blogsContinue reading “Ning introduces All-New Future Plans, but free users will pay for it, literally!”

Keane – Night Train EP Review

Keane – Night Train EP Review House Lights – House Lights is a short intro track, which features alot of influences from Black Burning Heart, in fact if you played this before Black Burning Heart, it would probably sound like the same song, not too keen on this as I don’t think it should beContinue reading “Keane – Night Train EP Review”

Blog Saturday 19th December 2009

Well, its the holidays, more precisely, the Christmas Holidays, oh yes! Whilst I may have made that last sentence sound like I’m totally exited about the christmas holidays well quite frankly I’m not this year, why? well because of the children meaning of christmas isn’t really that effective this year, ie. the presents. This yearContinue reading “Blog Saturday 19th December 2009”

Is the iPhone 3GS worth it for current iPhone or iPhone 3G users?

(Image showing original iPhone (left) and the iPhone 3G black back) Now remember back, the release of the first iPhone available in 4GB and 8GB models, a touch screen iPod, a revolutionary internet device and a phone, actually more-or-less how Steve Jobs announced it, along with iPhone Software 1.0. But to be honest that wasContinue reading “Is the iPhone 3GS worth it for current iPhone or iPhone 3G users?”

uTorrent Beta 0.9 or Mac Review

uTorrent is quite possibly the biggest torrent application for Windows ever, and in December 2008, uTorrent for Mac beta was announced, and I’ve downloaded it. Now whilst this is a beta, which in my history of using Windows means it just doesn’t work, it actually is performing better than the 1.9 version I had onContinue reading “uTorrent Beta 0.9 or Mac Review”

One Mac OSX feature Microsoft should copy for Windows 7!!!

Yeh, can you believe this I am actually helping Microsoft!!! Well with the shock of big company Woolworths closing down after one mistake, it makes you think doesn’t it, if the next version of Windows is even a shadow as bad as Vista, Microsoft Windows could become bust. What are you talking about here! 100%Continue reading “One Mac OSX feature Microsoft should copy for Windows 7!!!”