Official Facebook Messenger app for Windows Phone 8 released, BUT here’s 3 things to do before using it!

Facebook Messenger has finally arrived as a standalone app for Windows Phone, quite possibly, as Joe Belfiore said during it’s MWC 2014 announcement, is one of the most highly anticipated apps to be released for Windows Phone in a long while. One of the biggest, and most understandable, reasons why Windows Phone never had theContinue reading “Official Facebook Messenger app for Windows Phone 8 released, BUT here’s 3 things to do before using it!”

Facebook for Windows Phone reaches a new milestone, it kinda works?

OK, we know, apps get updated all the time on multiple platforms and Facebook is definitely one of those apps that would qualify, but on Windows Phone Facebook has always been a bit of a struggle. Until today, Microsoft and Facebook have unveiled the new update version for Windows Phone 8 and 7.8 devices,Continue reading “Facebook for Windows Phone reaches a new milestone, it kinda works?”

Instagram CEO promises Instagram for Windows Phone and BB10 before Google Glass

Whether you get it, or don’t, use it, or don’t, no one can deny that Instagram is one of the most hottest applications out their on Smartphones today and has continued to have immense growth, despite taking a year and half to get there, since becoming available on Android as well as iOS it wasContinue reading “Instagram CEO promises Instagram for Windows Phone and BB10 before Google Glass”

This is the rumoured FaceBook Phone, but do we really need it?

Yes, the HTC First, if the HTC One wasn’t the first enough for you, the HTC First sure will be. But pun aside, what really can the Facebook Phone really give that we don’t have already. I think it’s fair to say the last FaceBook Phone, the ChaCha pretty much flopped worldwide, but let’s haveContinue reading “This is the rumoured FaceBook Phone, but do we really need it?”

The wait is over, FaceBook integration comes in 10.8.2

Alongside today’s launch of iOS 6, Apple has also released OS X 10.8.2 to the public. The update is currently available via the Software Update functionality in the Mac App Store. The update includes a number of enhancements, most notably Facebook integration and Game Center. It also includes support for several features integrating with iOSContinue reading “The wait is over, FaceBook integration comes in 10.8.2”

FaceBook to vastly speed up iOS App

Facebook engineers are completely rewriting the social network iOS app to make it faster. The app, which has been criticized by many users for being extremely slow, was built using the HTML5 Web-based programming language. It makes the app much easier for Facebook’s engineers to port to other platforms like Android or Windows Mobile —Continue reading “FaceBook to vastly speed up iOS App”

Blog Sunday 21st August 2011

Well, its been two weeks since my last blog which is already against the whole new schedule thingy I was supposed to be doing, oh joy I’ve failed already. Who Needs Social Networks? I challenged myself this week by going a whole week without social networks, in which I’m still in the middle of actually.Continue reading “Blog Sunday 21st August 2011”

Is FaceBook scared of Google Plus? Invite links banned!

Many reports are going round that FaceBook may actually be banning links shared on peoples News Feed inviting them over to Google Plus. This is a big deal, not only for Google, as its kind of the only way to get on Google Plus STILL but for FaceBook who is obviously starting to worry aboutContinue reading “Is FaceBook scared of Google Plus? Invite links banned!”

Invite FaceBook friends to Google Plus

Google+ is among us, but what everyone is probably thinking is, well, I’ve got all these friends I’ve gathered on FaceBook, how do I get them over to the world of Plus. Well, turns out there’s a way. Its a weird way, but it works! When you visit Circles on Google Plus, there is anContinue reading “Invite FaceBook friends to Google Plus”

Why switch to Google Plus

Now, if you’re still sat thinking, ‘What the hell is this Google+ thing?’, well here it is in brief. Google+ is basically Google’s FaceBook you could say, to which your follow up question could be, ‘Great, but why would I want to use yet another social network site?’, well thats your choice to do, we’reContinue reading “Why switch to Google Plus”

Blog Saturday 24th October 2009

I’m fresh from just doing the X-Factor tweeting and thanks to all the people who have @’d me with feedback from the show, anyway back to the blog, and may I just say what is wrong with me a lately, I haven’t been writing much blog recently have I, and ya know what the excuseContinue reading “Blog Saturday 24th October 2009”