Windows 8 Pro Pre-orders begin, confirms price!

As I’m sure many of you will know, Microsoft has never really been that generous when it comes to pricing Microsoft Windows, amounts can exceed something crazy sometimes for their “ultimate” deal, but as we rumoured earlier this year, it seems on Windows 8, Microsoft are being a bit more reasonable! On the Windows TeamContinue reading “Windows 8 Pro Pre-orders begin, confirms price!”

Blog Wednesday 17th September 2008

Today, was another dragging day, and then I found out I finish half an hour early, which was good. Don’t really remember much about today actually it all shadowwed away as soon as I had a lesson with Excel. Emily’s still looking at me and I’m still looking back at her, I still fancy her,Continue reading “Blog Wednesday 17th September 2008”

Blog Wednesday 16th July 2008

Recently we have been putting the very first Selection DVDs online and I’m happy to announce we now have Selection 1, 2 and 3 online added to the ten most recent down from Selection 55, this is an amazing transition and when its completed their is an expectancy of 2000 videos!!! Tomorrow being Thursday (16/7/08)Continue reading “Blog Wednesday 16th July 2008”

Blog Monday 19th May 2008

Today started a bit wrong when me, Clayton and Chris listened to Ste and ending up going to Sports Hall 1 when we weren’t suppose to so today we were invisible, typical ste!!! Apart from that I actually think my maths exam went quite well apart from the last question which looked chinese, basket, shoppingContinue reading “Blog Monday 19th May 2008”

Weekend Blog 10th-11th May 2008

This weekend I’ve done two things actually, released the RKUK Web Browser 1.2 which is very good, recommend it obviously, goto RKUK Online and click Browser. Also added Elvis to MP3ME thanks to a request by Adam, Ste and Nathan, Nathan and Adam mostly! One thing which surprised me this weekend is I got anContinue reading “Weekend Blog 10th-11th May 2008”