HTC announce the Desire 820

If there’s anything we will continue to give HTC credit for, it’s design, whether it be in their flagship devices, to mid-range to even lower, and that’s most certainly no exception to the new HTC Desire 820. The Desire 820 has quite a lot to offer upon that beautiful design and the usual HTC advantagesContinue reading “HTC announce the Desire 820”

MWC 14 Day 1: HTC announces Desire 610, 816 “exciting ” mid-range devices & accidental HTC One mention!

HTC are definitely a name known for a vast number of devices, however with recent company struggles we’ve certainly noticed a more careful attitude from the company. At Mobile World Congress today, HTC announced two devices focused on making mid-range devices more exciting again, however HTC accidently, although we think intentionally, hinted of the HTCContinue reading “MWC 14 Day 1: HTC announces Desire 610, 816 “exciting ” mid-range devices & accidental HTC One mention!”

HTC Desire gets Android 2.2 (Froyo)

Well, it finally happened, Google Nexus One users can stop spiting those who thought the HTC skin was worth it more, 2.2 is on the Desire. Now before you read through this more, just to let you know, this is not a Froyo based blog, this is about the HTC Desire and notable changes to the Desire after the 2.2Continue reading “HTC Desire gets Android 2.2 (Froyo)”

Blog Friday 25th June 2010 – I've gotta stop doing this!

So, whats happened in a month, well turns out quite a bloody lot and I have decided in my laziness to make it painful to write a long blog, ugh. Oh well, we must move on. Tell you what I’ll section it out, make it a lot more easier that I think. College Well CollegeContinue reading “Blog Friday 25th June 2010 – I've gotta stop doing this!”

Blog Thursday 27th May 2010

Yes its time for another one, been another … while, although 10 years is longer than I usually wait. No, of course as usual, the reason I’ve delayed blogs is because I’m busy *cough, see, now I used stars for sarcasm, ooooo! Well, it’s a week off next week so alls good, right? Are youContinue reading “Blog Thursday 27th May 2010”

Blog Monday 17th May 2010 – Been busy that's all

Haven’t been writing much blogs recently, well apart from some blogs on tech, which I have to make an update on, since I started on TechnoBuffalo I’ve had some incredible reception with over 120 comments praising my work for only 9 blogs, which can only be a good sign, so yeah thanks Jon Rettinger andContinue reading “Blog Monday 17th May 2010 – Been busy that's all”

HTC Desire Review – First Impressions

We would forgive you for thinking at first glance that the HTC Desire is in fact the Google Nexus One, and lets fact it its an HTC device! But to be honest you’re on to something, like the Nexus One, the HTC Desire has the 1GHz Snapdragon processor and the same latest version of AndroidContinue reading “HTC Desire Review – First Impressions”

Blog Friday April 2nd 2010 – Trip 2, Theatre…ish, HTC Desire, I Hate Maestro and more!

Well, happy Friday to you all, todays been quite a boring day for many reasons, which I’ll get to, but before all this … other things have happened. Wednesday Wednesday was our last day of College, as such anyway, in reality we finished on Tuesday and had something to go to on Wednesday which involvedContinue reading “Blog Friday April 2nd 2010 – Trip 2, Theatre…ish, HTC Desire, I Hate Maestro and more!”