Blog Wednesday 22nd December 2010 – Oww my leg, Christmas and E-Mails

Well, it’s been quite a few days extra since my last blog, if I’m been perfectly honest it has just been pure can’t be bothered-ness, but hey, this is the holidays for crying out wolf noises … yeah! Anyway, there of course were other reasons why my blog might have been slightly put to the side for aContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 22nd December 2010 – Oww my leg, Christmas and E-Mails”

Blog Friday 3rd December 2010 – Snow, -20˚C, alot of it! and … what not!

Well its definitely been a while since my last blog hasn’t it, but if I’m been perfectly honest, we’ve reached that stage of the year where nothing kinda happens until the 25th, then kaboom, its a new year! I’d be lying if somethings haven’t happened recently and I’d also be lying if I was toContinue reading “Blog Friday 3rd December 2010 – Snow, -20˚C, alot of it! and … what not!”

Mini Blog Friday 17th December 2010

When I introduced mini-blogs, well they don’t get much shorter than this, basically just to let you know that myblog will be added this Saturday and not today, got stuff to do and things to deal with, which I’ll mention then, oww indeed. Anyway, as I said, blog will be on Saturday. E-Ya Later Ben

Blog Christmas Eve … Eve December 23rd 2009

Welcome to the eve of Christmas Eve, oh yes, its almost Christmas, as in its only 2 days as of writing this, but to be honest I’m actually not looking forward to Christmas this year, I’m not saying I’m a Scrooge, although I do hate snow, which the weather has definitely been delivering rather worldwideContinue reading “Blog Christmas Eve … Eve December 23rd 2009”

Blog Saturday 19th December 2009

Well, its the holidays, more precisely, the Christmas Holidays, oh yes! Whilst I may have made that last sentence sound like I’m totally exited about the christmas holidays well quite frankly I’m not this year, why? well because of the children meaning of christmas isn’t really that effective this year, ie. the presents. This yearContinue reading “Blog Saturday 19th December 2009”

Blog Sunday 13th December 2009

Its really kinda my fault I haven’t had a blog for nearly a month, so its only right I rush to it before its too late. Since my last blog I’ve had headache with EMA, missed three weeks of EMA because they decided to, I don’t know, not pay me, but finally got it sortedContinue reading “Blog Sunday 13th December 2009”

Blog Saturday 17th January 2009 – Comparing PC and Mac

Now I’m getting very annoyed, as are Apple, about people saying that Mac arealways more expensive than PCs, in a word or two, there not, and in this post I intend to prove it. Spec The thing that people are getting wrong is this, spec. People are only comparing basic things like GHz, processor, RamContinue reading “Blog Saturday 17th January 2009 – Comparing PC and Mac”

Blog Friday 26th December 2008

Expect: Xmas Gifts Revealed, MacBook as close as next week, plus err… more Xmas Gifts Revealed Yep, I got it, the Apple iPod Touch, as you know the iPod Touch comes in three versions, and like with the iPhone 3G memory is the only real difference*. So, which did I get, well I told myContinue reading “Blog Friday 26th December 2008”

Blog Sunday 21st December 2008 – Xmas No1 and MacBook Price Plan

Expect: Xmas No.1, New MacBook Method, +more! Xmas No.1 Don’t know if anyone guessed but surprise surprise it was indeed X-Factor’s Alexandra Burke with her highly christmasy, not song ‘Hallelujah’. Its not so bad, better than the original anyway! New MacBook Method As you know the most desirable notebook on the planet is of courseContinue reading “Blog Sunday 21st December 2008 – Xmas No1 and MacBook Price Plan”

Blog Thursday 18th December 2008

Expect: Me completely drunk, Early finish to college, App Store, and more!!! Me Completely Drunk Well not completely but you know what I mean. Yesterday at about 5:30 I got a call from Rob asking if I wanted to go to White Rose as he’d some christmas shopping to do, and to be honest, thisContinue reading “Blog Thursday 18th December 2008”

Blog Tuesday 16th December 2008

This week I found out two things that connect perfectly with each other, nope not me and another girl (Darn it), but the combination of my bank balance and the Apple Store when you login to college. Oh yes, if you goto the Apple Store you can visit the Education Store and save about 5%,Continue reading “Blog Tuesday 16th December 2008”

Weekend Blog 13th – 14th December 2008

Well its been a pretty uneventful weekend, but why not blog eh. X-Factor Winner and Single So yesterday, Eoghan rightfully came third and it was between JLS and Alexandra, oo, what a surprise that one was. First and second performances I have to say JLS came top but when it was in between Boyzone, WestlifeContinue reading “Weekend Blog 13th – 14th December 2008”