Nokia’s Green Day Promotion reasons detailed

Whilst watching the ‘SwitchToLumia’ event by Nokia it became rather apparent that anytime Music was demoed they were playing music by US soft-rock band Green Day, which is fair enough, but all demos of Music tend to feature more than one band or artist. Well it seems all that has become a lot clearer todayContinue reading “Nokia’s Green Day Promotion reasons detailed”

Green Day – Oh Love! First Impressions and Single Review

I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking, wow are Green Day still around? And, well, unless you are a hardcore follower of the band, you’d be forgiven for thinking that, the last song we heard on the radio was 21 Guns back in 2009, although the last TV ad for the band we saw hasn’tContinue reading “Green Day – Oh Love! First Impressions and Single Review”

Keane – Strangeland (Deluxe) Album Review (2012)

Keane are set to release their forth studio album on May 7th in the UK, 8th in the US, but whats the album actually like. Well turns out RKUK Media have been listening to it and here’s our opinion of the album track by track.  You Are Young Strangeland kicks off with You Are YoungContinue reading “Keane – Strangeland (Deluxe) Album Review (2012)”

Blog Wednesday 6th January 2010 – Longest Day Ever = Adventure, iMac and more!

I’m going to arrange this blog out a bit as there’s quite a lot to add. Expect, College … kinda again! Well, you’ve read the title, anyway! Longest Day Ever = Adventure Tuesday, the day after my day off from College due to not really the weather, more the heating, was here, and by godContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 6th January 2010 – Longest Day Ever = Adventure, iMac and more!”

Blog Monday 4th January 2010 – First Blog of 2010

Welcome to my first blog of 2010. Since my last blog, Christmas has happened, my less than epic new year celebration and my first day of College … kinda. Christmas Christmas Day was always going to be a bit less of a Christmas Day based on the fact this is the first year I’m notContinue reading “Blog Monday 4th January 2010 – First Blog of 2010”

Blog Friday 28th August 2009 – Enroll Day, Snow Leopard tracking and more!

Today I enrolled at college, tracked my Snow Leopard order and err… yeh! Return to College Today was the second enroll I’ve had to go through, this time for level 3 in ICT, rather than level 2 last year, obviously … go figure! Anyway, can I just start by saying how hard can it beContinue reading “Blog Friday 28th August 2009 – Enroll Day, Snow Leopard tracking and more!”

Blog Wednesday 1st July 2009 – Last day of College, Firefox 3.5, Liquid Crystal

It’s July, it’s the last day of college, its la-di-dah, I know what your thinking, get on with the blog, OK, random person that sounds like me I will! Last day of College Today was the cource overview thingy, basically we come in, they tell you what you know, then if you can get intoContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 1st July 2009 – Last day of College, Firefox 3.5, Liquid Crystal”

MacBook 13.3" Aluminium – 1st Day Impressions

I ordered my MacBook last Thursday and to be honest expected it atleast a week after that, being the coming Thursday, but no, it arrived at 11AM yesterday and pleased I was of this, since I recieved it, already installed iLife ’09 (disc came in box) and Office:mac 2008. Overall Thoughts My overall thoughts are,Continue reading “MacBook 13.3" Aluminium – 1st Day Impressions”

Blog Saturday 14th February 2009 – Valentine's Day Blog

Not that Valentines Day isn’t good, it’s just never been good for me and guess what this year was no exception, yeh great! But one thing that’s pretty cool is what’s to come, it’s the holidays and my shiny new MacBook is shipping, to make matters … well … good, it’s expected as early asContinue reading “Blog Saturday 14th February 2009 – Valentine's Day Blog”

Blog Monday 12th – Saturday 17th 2009 – The Week in Whole!

Expect: Day off freedom again, Nice visit to the dentist?, My laptop stolen in repair, and more! College Week This week has been the second Emily-less weeks, if you don’t know Emily is, you really need to back track, bad style, actually getting quite worried, oh well. On Monday I had a rather fluent dayContinue reading “Blog Monday 12th – Saturday 17th 2009 – The Week in Whole!”

Blog Friday 26th December 2008

Expect: Xmas Gifts Revealed, MacBook as close as next week, plus err… more Xmas Gifts Revealed Yep, I got it, the Apple iPod Touch, as you know the iPod Touch comes in three versions, and like with the iPhone 3G memory is the only real difference*. So, which did I get, well I told myContinue reading “Blog Friday 26th December 2008”