Blog Wednesday 29th July 2009

Expect: Life, Dr Conrad on Randall & Hopkirk, return of an old pal, and more!!! Life I’m gonna be honest with ya, I haven’t really been paying much attention to blogging recently and since RKUK Online collapsed I’ve kinda been a bit over-lazy ya could say, how do you manage, seriously life without some sortContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 29th July 2009”

Blog Friday 20th February 2009 – The Holiday as Whole!

Well, it’s the end of another holiday season and to be honest it’s been a pretty good one and one with rather exiting results, and I will attempt to make this short and sweet. MacBook The week started of absolutely great, and I think Monday was the best day of the week to be honest,Continue reading “Blog Friday 20th February 2009 – The Holiday as Whole!”

Blog Monday 16th February 2009 – MacBook Arrived + Dr Conrad Filming

Expect: Wahoo, hey that actually worked and many more moments like that … or maybe just the two. MacBook Arrived! I’m telling you that when I woke up this morning dispite Apple and UPS, the company doing the delivery said it would be today, I was doubtful but it did arrive and happy I was!Continue reading “Blog Monday 16th February 2009 – MacBook Arrived + Dr Conrad Filming”

New Dr Conrad Website

Dr Conrad has previously been hidden beneath the 1000s of pages on RKUK Online, whilst that section will remain, if you want Dr Conrad gos and more, their is a new website dedicated to Dr Conrad which won’t fail to give you information first! You can subscribe to get e-mail updates if you want, plusContinue reading “New Dr Conrad Website”

Blog Tuesday 24th June 2008

Yesterday was amazing, me, Rob and Ben Hunter went to Meadowhall plainly for me and Rob to visit an Apple Store and all been well I’ll have a MacBook by end of June atleast, possibly earlier! Today we did filming, we did filming on Monday but to be honest we really couldn’t be bothered, todayContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 24th June 2008”

Blog Saturday 14th June 2008

Its about 4am donno why I’m awake but i am, just posting a pointless blog to let you know, as you know I don’t post blogs in weekends but anyway. I’m going to be very busy in the upcoming weeks especially in two seen as it seems me, Rob and the Dr Conrad crew areContinue reading “Blog Saturday 14th June 2008”

Blog Wednesday 11th June "For the last time, We'll E-Ya Later"

I appologise to everyone who I told that the iPhone 3G came out today, nah sorry, 11th July, sorry! Back to today, today I had my final last exam, and when I left it was the last, as in school for me is over! I’m gonna take this moment to wish everyone who I haven’t,Continue reading “Blog Wednesday 11th June "For the last time, We'll E-Ya Later"”

Blog Monday 9th June 2008

Waaayy overdue, it must have been a week now since my last blog, two phrases explain all GCSE and Exams, probably tests as well. But I’ve not just been sitting down revising like some kind of off the hoot geek, no I’ve been amusing myself (A-ah) no I mean Dr Conrad, now and then moreContinue reading “Blog Monday 9th June 2008”

Our video scripts are out!

This is mainly for Dr Conrad but we are going to be posting downloadable scripts of Dr Conrad onto RKUK Online, seen as someone mislayed what we said on episode 10 we thought we’d release the scripts as well, the scripts should be on by Friday and will be .pdf (Adobe Reader) files. We wereContinue reading “Our video scripts are out!”