Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dies aged 56

Steven Paul Jobs, known by most as simply Steve Jobs has passed away aged 56. Steve Jobs had been suffering difficulties related to Pancreatic Cancer over the past few years. Apple have issued a statement as well as an tribute saying; Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lostContinue reading “Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dies aged 56”

iPhone Software 3.0 (and iPod Touch) Features and Advantages!

Since purchasing an iPhone 3G, this is the big news of this week for me, in fact the iPhone is the first phone I’ve had that evolves and it’s a great feeling when you do the update and it is actually a much better experience, hope that is the case when Snow Leopard comes outContinue reading “iPhone Software 3.0 (and iPod Touch) Features and Advantages!”