Blog Wednesday 22nd December 2010 – Oww my leg, Christmas and E-Mails

Well, it’s been quite a few days extra since my last blog, if I’m been perfectly honest it has just been pure can’t be bothered-ness, but hey, this is the holidays for crying out wolf noises … yeah! Anyway, there of course were other reasons why my blog might have been slightly put to the side for aContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 22nd December 2010 – Oww my leg, Christmas and E-Mails”

Blog Monday 4th January 2010 – First Blog of 2010

Welcome to my first blog of 2010. Since my last blog, Christmas has happened, my less than epic new year celebration and my first day of College … kinda. Christmas Christmas Day was always going to be a bit less of a Christmas Day based on the fact this is the first year I’m notContinue reading “Blog Monday 4th January 2010 – First Blog of 2010”

Blog Christmas Eve … Eve December 23rd 2009

Welcome to the eve of Christmas Eve, oh yes, its almost Christmas, as in its only 2 days as of writing this, but to be honest I’m actually not looking forward to Christmas this year, I’m not saying I’m a Scrooge, although I do hate snow, which the weather has definitely been delivering rather worldwideContinue reading “Blog Christmas Eve … Eve December 23rd 2009”

Blog Sunday 13th December 2009

Its really kinda my fault I haven’t had a blog for nearly a month, so its only right I rush to it before its too late. Since my last blog I’ve had headache with EMA, missed three weeks of EMA because they decided to, I don’t know, not pay me, but finally got it sortedContinue reading “Blog Sunday 13th December 2009”