Blog Saturday 15th August 2009 – Weird Night and, well, just weird!

I don’t normally write blogs at this time as I, well, never normally can be assed, but if I don’t, I’ll forget what happened which would be terrible! Basically, today has been a kinda breakthrough when it comes to randomness and, well kinda everything! It all started around quarter to three, phone call from RobContinue reading “Blog Saturday 15th August 2009 – Weird Night and, well, just weird!”

Blog Monday 11th May 2009

Well the weekend was pretty quiet and expected really, yep, back to normal boring weekends it would seem, theirs me thinking weekends were going to be abit more exciting thanks to Masaga, but that like everything we do seems to have grinded to a halt, you know something, I actually give up to be honest!Continue reading “Blog Monday 11th May 2009”

Blog Monday 20th October 2008 – Longly Awaited!!!

Expect: Keane’s Second Single, MacBook reviews are out, Action Replay annoyance, Protocol album, Unexpected pub visits! —— My last blog was about the new aluminium MacBooks and now the reviews are out and, its all positive, they can game, do Vista better than Vista PCs ? I know. The only thing which is bad isContinue reading “Blog Monday 20th October 2008 – Longly Awaited!!!”