Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to resign as CEO in 12 months, but does it matter?

In short, no. Steve Ballmer may have been with Microsoft for what seems like forever, 1980, he really has been there from more or less start to finish, the days of the Bill Gates and Paul Alan beginning that was Microsoft back then. Dropping out of University probably seemed like the stupidest thing to doContinue reading “Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to resign as CEO in 12 months, but does it matter?”

Apple and the tech industry remember Steve Jobs 1 year on!

Apple have dedicate their homepage do Remembering Steve, as October 5th 2012 remembers the one year anniversary of his passing due to his suffering with Pancreatic Cancer. When visiting from any of Apples products whether being a Macintosh, iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, or even on a PC, you are greeted with a 2Continue reading “Apple and the tech industry remember Steve Jobs 1 year on!”

Apple CEO Tim Cook apologises over Apple’s Maps, even recommends alternatives!

Something new here from Apple, a kinder, gentler Apple, under Tim Cook, an Apple which is in fact able to apologise to their users for messing up big time. BGR reports that Apple CEO Tim Cook has apologized for  “falling short of their commitment” to “deliver the best experience possible to our customers” but promised thingsContinue reading “Apple CEO Tim Cook apologises over Apple’s Maps, even recommends alternatives!”

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dies aged 56

Steven Paul Jobs, known by most as simply Steve Jobs has passed away aged 56. Steve Jobs had been suffering difficulties related to Pancreatic Cancer over the past few years. Apple have issued a statement as well as an tribute saying; Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lostContinue reading “Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dies aged 56”

Tim Cook responds to Steve Jobs’ CEO Resignation

“Apple is not going to change” Tim Cook responded to being appointed as the new Apple CEO following the resignation of the post from Steve Jobs, who is now the Chairman of the Board of Directors with a letter to the Board saying “Apple is not going to change”, the letter is shown below; Team: Continue reading “Tim Cook responds to Steve Jobs’ CEO Resignation”

Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

Steve Jobs has resigned today as Apple CEO in the form of a letter sent out to Apple’s board of Directors. In the letter, Steve Jobs makes the decision to appoint Tim Cook as the new Apple CEO. Tim Cook did fill in for Steve Jobs as CEO in medical leave, but now that isContinue reading “Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO”