The Late Late Show – 13th February 2012 [HD] The Late Late Show 13th February 2012 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Craig kicks off the show with guests Carol Burnett and Phil Keoghan. *The Late Late Show is now available in many versions. The desktop Flash version (Mac or PC) in 720P. Or available in alternate non-Flash versions. All non-Flash versionsContinue reading “The Late Late Show – 13th February 2012 [HD]”

Blog Sunday 13th December 2009

Its really kinda my fault I haven’t had a blog for nearly a month, so its only right I rush to it before its too late. Since my last blog I’ve had headache with EMA, missed three weeks of EMA because they decided to, I don’t know, not pay me, but finally got it sortedContinue reading “Blog Sunday 13th December 2009”