Microsoft Build 2017 – Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and more

Build is Microsoft’s annual Developers Conference, and this year they went all out on Windows 10 and UWP. On the Day 2 keynote, Microsoft demonstrates how they’re moving the platform forward. Whilst we won’t be covering Day 1, we’ll brief you on information that will impact the general user, which Day 2 is all about,Continue reading “Microsoft Build 2017 – Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and more”

Build 2015 – A much more open Microsoft

If you were expecting a hoard of product announcements and a couple of new flagships, then you will be disappointed by this years Build, where Microsoft focused entirely on software and development in this years conference. Sure, this is Build, but still would’ve been nice to see something else, however since the keynote, quite aContinue reading “Build 2015 – A much more open Microsoft”

BuildStore for iOS brings Emulation and more in a working fashion!

Apple have a great platform with iOS, including a range of benefits and advantages over the competition, but one thing which has been quite a struggle to get just right has been Emulators etc remaining available on the platform. Whilst there’s been a range of methods getting such applications on the iOS platform, the officialContinue reading “BuildStore for iOS brings Emulation and more in a working fashion!”

Windows Phone 8.1 – What we know and what’s to come? [UPDATED]

Update 1: Scroll to the bottom to see our update posted on 15/2/14 of massive 8.1 feature list It all began February 10th, Microsoft quietly released the new Windows Phone 8.1 SDK to a select few Developers for testing and for those to provide updates to their apps awaiting the release of Windows Phone 8.1. AllContinue reading “Windows Phone 8.1 – What we know and what’s to come? [UPDATED]”

Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 Review

Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 – Review Before starting this review I would like to remind you that this is a beta operating system and many changes will occur until its official release, whilst that didn’t help Vista, err, yeh! Intro Microsoft announced Windows 7 last year and it wasn’t until this year when weContinue reading “Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 Review”