Microsoft announce Edge Browser for iOS and Android, as well as new Microsoft Launcher, signalling the end of Windows 10 Mobile?!

In a somewhat surprising announcement, Microsoft made two announcements for the world of mobile today, though likely unpleasant announcements for those fans of Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile efforts, bringing the companies Edge browser cross platform and a new updated launcher for Android. On a Windows Blog written by Microsoft’s CVP of Windows and Devices, JoeContinue reading “Microsoft announce Edge Browser for iOS and Android, as well as new Microsoft Launcher, signalling the end of Windows 10 Mobile?!”

Opera acquires the SkyFire web browser, what it means for mobile browsing!

At RKUK Media we are massive fans of the SkyFire browser, which is available for iOS and Android, we loved the way it abolished the use of Flash, but allowed you to still play Flash videos, but instead of simply supporting Flash, it would play the videos over the air on SkyFire’s servers and StreamContinue reading “Opera acquires the SkyFire web browser, what it means for mobile browsing!”

R-Browser – Summary

RKUK started the R-Browser back in April with the 1.0 beta created through the RLP (RKUK Lumnous Project) although since then the browsers have been designed and created entirely by RKUK. Version 1.1 was released, then 1.2, then we skipped to 2.0! The browsers have all shared the sense of ease-of-use, speed and reliability andContinue reading “R-Browser – Summary”

The real deal with T-Mobile Web’n’Walk

We’ve all seen the ads, web on the move with T-Mobile, never more than £1 a day or you can get a week for £2.50 although they don’t mention that, we got that from a T-Mobile book! Anyway, what exactly is Web’n’Walk and does it deserve the credit some give it, well in a word,Continue reading “The real deal with T-Mobile Web’n’Walk”

RKUK Private Conference 2008

Many things were announced yesterday at a secret RKUK Conference and alot was suprisingly about Selection DVDs and the many plans for them on RKUK Online, as follows; Embedment : Able to put RKUK videos on your site, now available by copying shortcut on Download button! All in 1 : RKUK started putting Selection DVDsContinue reading “RKUK Private Conference 2008”

Weekend Blog 10th-11th May 2008

This weekend I’ve done two things actually, released the RKUK Web Browser 1.2 which is very good, recommend it obviously, goto RKUK Online and click Browser. Also added Elvis to MP3ME thanks to a request by Adam, Ste and Nathan, Nathan and Adam mostly! One thing which surprised me this weekend is I got anContinue reading “Weekend Blog 10th-11th May 2008”

Blog Friday 9th May 2008

Next week the exams start and I’m f**kin sh****g myself right now, really! Nought much different happened today in fact same old, my previous blog explains how I’m currently feeling about life at the moment! On a good note, again not about me, the browser 1.2 is released tomorrow night!!! Woopty-Doo! Ben

Browser Customisation

When we released RKUK Web Browser 1.1, we suddenly got major hopes for the 1.2 release expected in May! The browser will have direct Google search built in as well as both 16:9 and 4:3 compatibility thanks to “Window Open” more info when its out. — But the thing were most exited about is thatContinue reading “Browser Customisation”

Technician – What Happened?

Many people at the end of the day asked me what he saud what I said, what the thing was all about? etc, this blog should explain everything! >WHAT’S THE FUSS ALL ABOUT? Good question actually, the main thing was that I launched the ERSIUS Web Browser 1.0 at school, the technition had it inContinue reading “Technician – What Happened?”

Blog Monday 28th April 2008

Today was like most Mondays really, until I.T when I upset a technician by launching my own web browser through their computers, for some reason he seemed offended, typical technician, he didn’t even know how it was made, heh, the shame! Meanwhile nothing much, speaking of the browser, you can download the browser for freeContinue reading “Blog Monday 28th April 2008”

RKUK Browser 1.0 Beta Version

Its out and ready folks, if you’ve got Windows, you can have it! Download yours by going to this direct link; Or info is at; Go for it! WHY THIS BROWSER; 1. Plug and Play : Install and your off, no plugins required!!! 2. 0.5X faster then IE7 3. No installation required KNOWNContinue reading “RKUK Browser 1.0 Beta Version”