Pokemon Liquid Crystal

Everyone has heard of Pokemon, and everyone, though many don’t admit it, have played Pokemon. Nintendo’s most popular platform does have some extras though. A few years after the release of Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, Re-makes of Red and Blue were released, Pokemon Leaf Green and Fire Red, the game was identical prior to a few new thingsContinue reading “Pokemon Liquid Crystal”

Do you fancy one of your friends or one of your friends girl/boy friends?

See what I did their make it for all. Do You Fancy one of your friends or friends girl/boy friends? I’m sorry to say that its happening to me, and I’d love to here from you if its happened to you, just comment to this blog, unless you are that girl, even though you wouldn’tContinue reading “Do you fancy one of your friends or one of your friends girl/boy friends?”

MeBoy, anybody tried it?

You may think your too old to play GameBoy and GameBoy Colour games, but we’re not talking about playing them on a GameBoy, no! Your Phone. The MeBoy which can be downloaded on our websites from the Roms Section, the MeBoy allows you to play these games on a Java phone. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Only worksContinue reading “MeBoy, anybody tried it?”