HTC announce the Desire 820

If there’s anything we will continue to give HTC credit for, it’s design, whether it be in their flagship devices, to mid-range to even lower, and that’s most certainly no exception to the new HTC Desire 820. The Desire 820 has quite a lot to offer upon that beautiful design and the usual HTC advantagesContinue reading “HTC announce the Desire 820”

MWC 14 Day 3: Intel shows off 64-bit processor for Smartphones

Whilst Mobile World Congress is in it’s wrap up stages, that doesn’t stop Intel showing off a reference device running their all new Dual-Core and Quad-Core 64-bit processors aimed at Smartphones. Of course the real advantage of 64-bit Smartphones is yet be really be seen, the latest Qualcomm SnapDragon 801 that all the latest SmartphonesContinue reading “MWC 14 Day 3: Intel shows off 64-bit processor for Smartphones”

Microsoft release Windows 8 Developer Preview

Ah, that time has arrived again. The time when Microsoft let us in on what’s coming up in the next version of Windows. Not that I wasn’t excited last time when I downloaded the Developer Preview of Windows 7, but with Windows 8 everything feels different, which I like! We’ll be covering Windows 8 throughoutContinue reading “Microsoft release Windows 8 Developer Preview”

Will Adobe Flash 10.1 Improve Mac Performance

Adobe has promised better flash performance in the upcoming version of Flash 10.1, which is currently (since Nov 2009) been available as a beta for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. This information, from Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch comes just a few weeks after Apple’s introduction to the iPad and Steve Jobs rather aggressive reasoning toContinue reading “Will Adobe Flash 10.1 Improve Mac Performance”

WWDC 2009 – New MacBook Pros and Mac OSX Snow Leopard

Conference starts with PC trying to wish the conference well, fails miserably, rather funny. Mac says have a great conference! Out comes Phil Schiller to start the conference, starts by announcing Mac OSX users have now tripled in the last two years, basically 3 times more Macs exist in the world from two years ago!Continue reading “WWDC 2009 – New MacBook Pros and Mac OSX Snow Leopard”

Transmission Review (Mac OSX Torrent Provider)

Transmission is a BitTorrent client for Mac OSX, and is the ruler in popularity of all torrent providers on the OS, whilst μTorrent is the most popular for Windows. I recently reviewed the latest beta of μTorrent for Mac and I was surprisingly impressed especially because it was a beta and I experienced no crashesContinue reading “Transmission Review (Mac OSX Torrent Provider)”

Technician – What Happened?

Many people at the end of the day asked me what he saud what I said, what the thing was all about? etc, this blog should explain everything! >WHAT’S THE FUSS ALL ABOUT? Good question actually, the main thing was that I launched the ERSIUS Web Browser 1.0 at school, the technition had it inContinue reading “Technician – What Happened?”