Google Play Gift Cards arrive in UK, Tesco and Morrisons on board at start!

There’ve been plenty of hints at Google Play gift cards landing in the UK since shortly after the US launch, and now today on the service’s first birthday, Google has announced that UK consumers will be able to buy the cards as well. The cards will come in £10, £25 and £50 selections, with “all” Tesco andContinue reading “Google Play Gift Cards arrive in UK, Tesco and Morrisons on board at start!”

Blog Saturday 12th February 2011

Well, since my last blog we’ve entered the world of February and what a month its been so far, multiple rumours going round of new Apple gear, rumours of Gorillaz splitting up then confirmation from them that they aren’t and then rumours that I never went to a strip club, which I can confirm that I … … might have! lol.Continue reading “Blog Saturday 12th February 2011”

Blog Monday 28th June 2010

Good day y’all, well it would be if it hadn’t been boiling yesterday … and today, and the fact that I had to go out today in the warm because I was betrayed by the Government, but hey. Since my last blog, which admittedly wasn’t that long ago, but I made a promise (roll theContinue reading “Blog Monday 28th June 2010”

Blog Friday 5th February 2010 – Birthday bash, Oops, and more!

Not to start the day on a low note, but is it me or was everyone either missing today, or just extremely moody, have no idea why, I know it rained but thats just taking the mik, anyway, back to a more exciting subject eh! Birthday Bash On Wednesday, been February 3rd was of courseContinue reading “Blog Friday 5th February 2010 – Birthday bash, Oops, and more!”

Blog Tuesday 26th May 2009

This blog is waaay overdue, just noticed I actually forgot to do a blog, plus I cut my left swearing finger so most of this typing is actually rather painful. Beth’s Birthday Surprise Last Saturday it was Beth’s surprise do. Here’s the setup, she thought on Saturday they were going for a meal, which obviouslyContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 26th May 2009”

Blog Wednesday 21st – Thursday 22nd May 2009 – Birthday Randomness & The Theatre!!!

Yeh, it’s kinda all been happening in two days alately, probably the most eventful two-day combo I’ve had, … yep I don’t know what I’m braggin about either, let’s get started anyway! Wednesday Welcome to Wednesday, dunno why I did that but anyway. Wednesday was very very mixed day really, it started at college obviouslyContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 21st – Thursday 22nd May 2009 – Birthday Randomness & The Theatre!!!”

Blog Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd May 2009 – A Robful Weekend

Summary Ok, so here’s a brief run down over the events of the weekend. Basically, Friday was Rob’s kinda “oo lets go out” time and we ended up going from Weatherspoons in Cleck to Huddersfield of all places until we got pretty rat assed, then whilst all seems to be over, the banta continues onContinue reading “Blog Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd May 2009 – A Robful Weekend”

Blog Tuesday 3rd February 2009 – Birthday Blog + 200th Blog Post!

Yep February 3rd has been my birthday for quite a while now, ?, yeh. Thanks to you who have either, sang it to me, said it, rang me, texted me or forgot, and all those have surprisingly happened, less about the last one, wouldn’t mind but that were my mum! Yeh my own mum forgotContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 3rd February 2009 – Birthday Blog + 200th Blog Post!”

Blog Tuesday 4th November 2008

Expect : Carrying boobs across a muddy field, Camping birthday bang, MacBook Plan, + More ——- Sunday is normally a relaxing day and nothing really happens, then around 9PM is turned out I was going down to Robs to set of to Ben’s mysterious birthday party which is in the middle of a field, whichContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 4th November 2008”

Nelson Mandela – Happy 90th Birthday

Good cause good point! Just want to thank everyone who organized the massive event for Nelson Mandela’s birthday, all the acts were brilliant, short and sweet bravo to the man, happy birthday! p.s. Bit disappointed that reports of Keane performing were untrue as that was kinda the only reason I watched, oh well! E-Ya Later,Continue reading “Nelson Mandela – Happy 90th Birthday”