Microsoft bringing Cortana to iOS and Android!

We’ve previously discussed the potential of this happening, but looks like we may have been much more on the money than we imagined. Alongside a brand new ‘Phone Companion App’ coming in Windows 10, where Microsoft highlighted the multiple possible ways at which Windows 10 will be built from the get-go to connect and receiveContinue reading “Microsoft bringing Cortana to iOS and Android!”

Joe Belfiore talks Windows Phone 8.1 in Reddit Q&A

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, today, delivered a Q&A through Reddit and discussed pretty much everything asked by you. Joe talks future of Windows Phone, Google apps, 3rd party apps in 8.1 and more, our highlights are available below! ON THE WINDOWS PHONE 8.1 FEATURE-GAP BETWEEN iOS AND ANDROID As you folks know, Microsoft’s mobile strategy hadContinue reading “Joe Belfiore talks Windows Phone 8.1 in Reddit Q&A”

Windows Phone 8.1 – What we know and what’s to come? [UPDATED]

Update 1: Scroll to the bottom to see our update posted on 15/2/14 of massive 8.1 feature list It all began February 10th, Microsoft quietly released the new Windows Phone 8.1 SDK to a select few Developers for testing and for those to provide updates to their apps awaiting the release of Windows Phone 8.1. AllContinue reading “Windows Phone 8.1 – What we know and what’s to come? [UPDATED]”

Nokia ‘Switch to Lumia’ event overview

NOKIA yesterday hosted a Switch to Lumia conference as part of NOKIA World in the great US to announce new Windows Phone 8 announcements and hardware. The event was to be the only one of the day, prior to rumours of a separate Nokia and Microsoft event. Introduction Nokia CEO kicked off Nokia’s ‘Switch toContinue reading “Nokia ‘Switch to Lumia’ event overview”