Apple announces a whole new MacBook Pro which truly “set’s the bar” – October 2016

After seeing a bevy of updates from Microsoft this week in relation to the Surface line, we were actually interesting in see what Apple branded the new “future Pro notebook”, and, well, that’s what we got in the new MacBook Pro, both 13 and 15 inch variants. What we didn’t get however was any wowContinue reading “Apple announces a whole new MacBook Pro which truly “set’s the bar” – October 2016″

Google+ Review, Howto and First Impressions!

Are you fed up of FaceBook, who isn’t eh? Especially with that stupid chat they’ve just added, anyway got a bit distracted then. So, will Google Plus be your new FaceBook … maybe, but we’ve a lot to get through before we can answer that. I will mention right now that I am finding new featuresContinue reading “Google+ Review, Howto and First Impressions!”

Apple releases Safari 5

Despite all attention heading towards the iPhone throughout the WWDC 2010 conference (blog on that soon), not many hours after the event Apple’s site began with Safari 5, and well, what a browser it is! New Features Ever heard the term, its not quantity, its quality, well Safari 5s feature set is like that, small,Continue reading “Apple releases Safari 5”