Windows Phone 8X by HTC Review

First Impressions Design The first impressions of the 8X instantly are, just how beautiful it really is, the device has a crisp black bezel surrounded by the colour option you choose which goes around to the back, in this case blue (California Blue as HTC say), which admittedly looks more purple than blue. Whilst theContinue reading “Windows Phone 8X by HTC Review”

Want a free audio and video converter?

NCH Coporations in the US created multiple software for Windows and Macintosh computers, originally they were around £20/$45 but now their free! — SWITCH Switch is a free audio converter that supports an amazing array of formats ;;;; wav, mp3, mp2+ mpga au aif/aiff gsm dct vox raw ogg flac amr wma* wmv* aac* (notContinue reading “Want a free audio and video converter?”