“MELTDOWN” and “SPECTRE” CPU Security Vulnerabilities – All you need to know!

Recently, a collection of security loopholes have being found within Computer CPUs, mostly in relation to the Intel. Above, you can see a list of the 6 major brands of CPUs (Central Processing Unit), and we can pretty much guarantee that the device you’re reading this post on, contains one of them. However, depending onContinue reading ““MELTDOWN” and “SPECTRE” CPU Security Vulnerabilities – All you need to know!”

Google release 50 APIs for .NET Development on Windows and Windows Phone

Who said Google hates Microsoft, oh yeah they just do, but sometimes they forget and do things for that platform and today they did just that! Google have released 50 new Developer APIs for Microsoft’s .NET platform, some updated APIs and some APIs that have previously never been released including APIs for Google+ and Drive!Continue reading “Google release 50 APIs for .NET Development on Windows and Windows Phone”

Microsoft Surface 2 First Impressions

The Surface 2 is one of the two of Microsoft’s 2nd generation of Surface devices, other being the Surface Pro 2. The Surface 2 is the 2nd generation Surface RT running Windows 8.1 RT out of the box. Whilst most improvements over the original are mainly performance, the Surface 2 has so much more underContinue reading “Microsoft Surface 2 First Impressions”

Microsoft release Windows 8 Developer Preview

Ah, that time has arrived again. The time when Microsoft let us in on what’s coming up in the next version of Windows. Not that I wasn’t excited last time when I downloaded the Developer Preview of Windows 7, but with Windows 8 everything feels different, which I like! We’ll be covering Windows 8 throughoutContinue reading “Microsoft release Windows 8 Developer Preview”