Blog Tuesday 28th October 2008 – Meadowhall and MacBooks

On Monday I went to Meadowhall which was brilliant, but unfortunately wasn’t the simpleton Rob and Me as I had hoped, it wasn’t Ben but that wasn’t the point, it was Grandad and Caddy, yep the dreadful C. It turned out to be OK really, we seperated whilst in Meadowhall, so it then was meContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 28th October 2008 – Meadowhall and MacBooks”

Blog Monday 13th October 2008

I would have loved to be able to of started this off with a proud announcement that I have bought Keane, Perfect Symmetry, but no, nowhere in Dewsbury had any left, granted it was Album Of The Week in every store that did sell it which is quite impressive. So instead of relying on storeContinue reading “Blog Monday 13th October 2008”

Blog Thursday 11th September 2008

Well this has been very long awaited but theirs alot to be put into one blog!!! BLOG ON BLOGGER! This blog is going onto blogger, and on RKUK Online and will obviously be a good move for commenting and the ability to search through previous blog posts far easier than just looking through the previous,Continue reading “Blog Thursday 11th September 2008”

The Tech Show is launched!

Its here, as announced on the RKUK Conference 2008, The Tech Show has replaced the Apple Section in the menu, here are just a few of what is now and what is yet to come. BENS REVIEWS; Its all about the Es with Ben’s Reviews, simply a tech review section of RKUK Online, a WindowsContinue reading “The Tech Show is launched!”

Rumours of all new Aluminum MacBooks?

Yes all that is spelt right aluminum! OK american spelling but anyway :: Their have been rumors of a future MacBook which will be thinner, have multi-touch and be made of aluminum rather than plastic as on current models, almost like the new iMacs changed! As you can probably tell this is quite annoying forContinue reading “Rumours of all new Aluminum MacBooks?”

Blog Tuesday 24th June 2008

Yesterday was amazing, me, Rob and Ben Hunter went to Meadowhall plainly for me and Rob to visit an Apple Store and all been well I’ll have a MacBook by end of June atleast, possibly earlier! Today we did filming, we did filming on Monday but to be honest we really couldn’t be bothered, todayContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 24th June 2008”

Blog Tuesday 10th June 2008

Yeah, back to the reliable blog, 9/10ths daily, and seen as I’ve only one exam which is tomorrow which is only 45mins in its self, life is pretty relaxed at the moment towards that long wait towards finding out exam results, lucky for me I will have a MacBook then thanks to Apples newest deal,Continue reading “Blog Tuesday 10th June 2008”

Apple’s new technological masterpiece!

Apple are known for the iPod, iTunes, iLife (yes their is such thing) and more recently the iPhone, oh and not forgetting the awsome Mac which only have an i if you get the iMac. This is a quick overview of Apples newest upcoming things as announced from Steve Jobs recently in both the USContinue reading “Apple’s new technological masterpiece!”

ESET Nod32 vs McAfee vs Norton – Trojan/Virus etc test

No this is not at all geeky, its a test that now and then needs to be done, plus these are the three most popular virus protection services used, prior to AVG, which to be honest if you’ve got that, good luck, seriously! I know what your thinking, what if you do get infected, well,Continue reading “ESET Nod32 vs McAfee vs Norton – Trojan/Virus etc test”

We’re half an  Apple away!

The funding towards a new MacBook is now exactly half way, can’t wait till I’m completely their, I’m definatly gonna broadcast The Show Live and show you what its like when I finally get it, can’t wait! A new OS, new computer, NO MORE WINDOWS!!!!!!! Ben

Apple Black MacBook vs Sony VAIO laptop (also black)

Its not just with Sony, but with all OEMs that run Windows on are all attacking and comparing with Apples range of computers that run their own OS, named OSX! After the release of Vista, Apple sales went of the roof due to bad vista publicity and reliability, and to be honest its no wonder,Continue reading “Apple Black MacBook vs Sony VAIO laptop (also black)”