Microsoft Office for Mac, now available in the Mac App Store!

Microsoft, today, debuted to the Mac App Store, for the first time, it’s Microsoft Office 365 Suite. Straight from the Mac App Store, you can now download copies of Microsoft’s Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook software, whilst getting continuous updates through the Mac App Store. The apps themselves are exactly the same as the onesContinue reading “Microsoft Office for Mac, now available in the Mac App Store!”

Official Facebook Messenger app for Windows Phone 8 released, BUT here’s 3 things to do before using it!

Facebook Messenger has finally arrived as a standalone app for Windows Phone, quite possibly, as Joe Belfiore said during it’s MWC 2014 announcement, is one of the most highly anticipated apps to be released for Windows Phone in a long while. One of the biggest, and most understandable, reasons why Windows Phone never had theContinue reading “Official Facebook Messenger app for Windows Phone 8 released, BUT here’s 3 things to do before using it!”

Watch out! WhatsApp shares location information in Photos on Windows Phone

The guys over at WPCentral have been noticing that Photos saved to your own Photo Library on Windows Phone using WhatsApp actually saves an off Geotagging of your location, of you not the sender! Such effect is not present on any other chat messaging app on Windows Phone, or even more bazaar is it’s not possible toContinue reading “Watch out! WhatsApp shares location information in Photos on Windows Phone”

Our Best Cydia Repos and Useful Tweaks for 2013

Every once in a while we all do it, we look down at our iPhone home screen and think is this really it? Well, thankfully you can Jailbreak your device with ease thanks to the latest Evasi0n Jailbreak out at the moment, in seconds your iOS 6 device can be Jailbroken and ready to installContinue reading “Our Best Cydia Repos and Useful Tweaks for 2013”

Fake Bad Piggies App for Google Chrome Infects 80,000 Computers With Adware

A malicious Google Chrome application that claims to be a browser-based version of Rovio’s new, yet still upcoming, ‘Bad Piggies’ game has infected more than 80,000 computers with adware. The app itself has been distributed through the official Chrome Web Store, however the app installs a plugin that displays advertisements while users are browsing popular websites, not theContinue reading “Fake Bad Piggies App for Google Chrome Infects 80,000 Computers With Adware”

Windows Phone companion app for Windows 8 coming soon!

Microsoft has been removing a number of its Zune desktop app features recently, in preparation for the upcoming switch to Xbox Music. While the company is readying its new music subscription service, Microsoft will also introduce new apps to manage and sync Windows Phone 8 devices. Sources close to Microsoft’s Windows Phone plans have revealed the lookContinue reading “Windows Phone companion app for Windows 8 coming soon!”

Google Voice coming to iOS?

Google will soon release an update to its iOS search application. Akin to the search features recently introduced in Android 4.1, the new search app offers vocalized responses and understands natural speech patterns, such as “what’s the weather like today?” The application’s user interface will also receive a makeover, following suit with Google’s simple whiteContinue reading “Google Voice coming to iOS?”

Apple release iOS 6 Beta 4 with no dedicated YouTube app

As noted by several who’ve received the update, Apple’s new iOS 6 Beta 4 just released to developers removes the dedicated YouTube app that has been included on the iPhone operating system since its launch in 2007. The reason for the removal is unclear, although speculation naturally turns to the strained relationship between Apple and Google. Aside from YouTube, Apple’sContinue reading “Apple release iOS 6 Beta 4 with no dedicated YouTube app”

FaceBook to vastly speed up iOS App

Facebook engineers are completely rewriting the social network iOS app to make it faster. The app, which has been criticized by many users for being extremely slow, was built using the HTML5 Web-based programming language. It makes the app much easier for Facebook’s engineers to port to other platforms like Android or Windows Mobile —Continue reading “FaceBook to vastly speed up iOS App”

Apple release Podcast specific app for iOS!

We knew it was coming, but we thought not until iOS 6, but Apple have just released a Podcast specific application for the iPhone and iPad. The free Universal application allows users to listen and download all Podcasts from the iTunes Store but now in its own application. When iOS 6 Beta 1 was released,Continue reading “Apple release Podcast specific app for iOS!”

Garageband finally arrives on iPhone and iPod Touch!!!

Not only have Apple released an update for existing iPad Garageband users, they’ve done it, what? They’ve put Garageband on the iPhone and iPod Touch. This is awesome!!! The iPad update also delivered some additional features for the version including some bug fixes; – Universal app designed for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch  – CreateContinue reading “Garageband finally arrives on iPhone and iPod Touch!!!”