Week Blog Monday 5th – Friday 9th January 2009

This week, if I can say that, more on that later, has been quite a good come back and I suppose one reason why is because a week wasn’t really a week! Thanks to Andrew being meaning Wednesday was never to be, meaning both Wednesday and Thursday days off, and Friday featured a lesson fromContinue reading “Week Blog Monday 5th – Friday 9th January 2009”

Blog Thursday 9th October 2008

Nothing different has really happened this week, you could say “this life, is lived in Perfect Symmetry”, god I love that album, yes, that album, on Wednesday I recieved a Spanish version of the album which is identical to the english one, but released in Spain, oo! I’m still buying the deluxe version on Monday,Continue reading “Blog Thursday 9th October 2008”

Blog Monday 9th June 2008

Waaayy overdue, it must have been a week now since my last blog, two phrases explain all GCSE and Exams, probably tests as well. But I’ve not just been sitting down revising like some kind of off the hoot geek, no I’ve been amusing myself (A-ah) no I mean Dr Conrad, now and then moreContinue reading “Blog Monday 9th June 2008”

Blog Friday 9th May 2008

Next week the exams start and I’m f**kin sh****g myself right now, really! Nought much different happened today in fact same old, my previous blog explains how I’m currently feeling about life at the moment! On a good note, again not about me, the browser 1.2 is released tomorrow night!!! Woopty-Doo! Ben http://rkukonline.ds4a.com

Blog Wednesday 9th April 2008

Today has been yet another boring day, its amazing how much space Yr10 must take, it almost gives a sour taste in your mouth and I’ve no idea why, hope your Work EX is going alright you lot! I’ve updated RKUK Online’s menu scheme, but if anyone is finding it hard to find something, theirContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 9th April 2008”