WWDC 2009 Dates Announced!

Apple today announced the dates for it’s June/July yearly event, now the only one of its type since Apple ditched MacWorld this year. WWDC, which stands for WorldWide Developers Conference has had many hypes for pretty much every time it’s held and they’re two things on people heads that will be announced involving Apple’s mostContinue reading “WWDC 2009 Dates Announced!”

Blog Sunday 8th February 2009

Yeh, not as epic, a 201st blog, but lets give it a go eh. Demons Episode 6 – Nothing Like Nebrasta Luke becomes haunted by dreams about the car crash that killed his father and Galvin’s connection to it. A visit to a psychic convinces him his godfather is not the man he seems and,Continue reading “Blog Sunday 8th February 2009”

Blog Monday 8th December 2008

Today is one of the two days of this week, I’ve today and tomorrow, woo! This is the first for quite a while which is a pure and simple blog post, I normally have loads of other stuff to talk about but this time I’m just generally blogging. So today was pretty much surrounded aroundContinue reading “Blog Monday 8th December 2008”

Blog Thursday 8th May 2008

Today started off randomly as before I stepped into my first lesson which was science, the fire alarm went off, it wasn’t a planned drill, someone had set it off somehow, which is a bit random! I’ll tell you something far more random, Dr Conrad Episode 10 is made and is online!!!!!!!!!!!! You will notContinue reading “Blog Thursday 8th May 2008”

Blog Tuesday 8th April 2008

Theirs something about today which has made it really rubbish, don’t know what actually! Probably the combination of Mr Brocklesby and Games, ugh, well just Mr Brock! Nothings happened which is quite unusual, yr10s are on work ex so it doesn’t quite help make the last school days any more fun, but heh, atleast theirContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 8th April 2008”