HTC announce the Desire 820

If there’s anything we will continue to give HTC credit for, it’s design, whether it be in their flagship devices, to mid-range to even lower, and that’s most certainly no exception to the new HTC Desire 820. The Desire 820 has quite a lot to offer upon that beautiful design and the usual HTC advantagesContinue reading “HTC announce the Desire 820”

Windows Phone 8 Revisited – January 2014

Since it’s official release in August 2012, yes 2012, Windows Phone 8 really has come far, when we received our Lumia 920 on September 2012 we could hardly say no to a 2 year Contract, even if it was with then exclusive UK Carrier EE … don’t get us started on them, the Lumia 920,Continue reading “Windows Phone 8 Revisited – January 2014”

Nokia Lumia x20 Compared = 520, 620, 720, 820, 920 (plus 1020 previewed)

When Nokia first announced they were going to go with Windows Phone as their primary operating system we, for one, was very excited, whilst many doubts at the time, now in their second generation, Windows Phone devices have never looked better than the work from Nokia. The latest iteration and most popular range of NokiaContinue reading “Nokia Lumia x20 Compared = 520, 620, 720, 820, 920 (plus 1020 previewed)”

Random Nokia Lumia 820 dummy shows up in O2 UK Store

If there is any doubt that O2 UK would be carrying at least one Windows Phone 8 Nokia Lumia the carrier just removed all doubt, with a dummy for the Nokia Lumia 820 showing up in one of their stores. WPCentral posted the above picture, taken by a reader, of the WVGA handset. O2 subscribersContinue reading “Random Nokia Lumia 820 dummy shows up in O2 UK Store”

Nokia reveals Nokia Lumia 810 non-LTE Windows Phone 8 handset for T-Mobile USA Exclusive

On their Conversations blog Nokia revealed a Nokia Lumia 820 variant specifically for T-Mobile USA. The 4.3 inch WVGA device has a ClearBlack AMOLED screen and 8 megapixel rear and also HD front camera, just like the Lumia 820, and will also support interchangeable shells, with the possibility of wireless charging. The phone will support all theContinue reading “Nokia reveals Nokia Lumia 810 non-LTE Windows Phone 8 handset for T-Mobile USA Exclusive”

Could EEs 4G launch also coinside with Lumia 920

Everything Everywhere, the 4G LTE network merger that brings Orange and T-Mobile in to one network, is expected to launch its 4G LTE network in 10 cities and rollout in more from the 30th October 2012. Joining the release of the new 4G network in the UK, EE are obviously going to have to releaseContinue reading “Could EEs 4G launch also coinside with Lumia 920”

How do the new Windows Phone 8 Devices size up?

With phones these days getting larger displays and form factor, its sometimes nice to know just how big the phone you are getting really is to the competition. If you are an owner of a Nokia Lumia 800/900, Samsung Focus or Focus S or an HTC Titan II, this chart could prove to be useful.Continue reading “How do the new Windows Phone 8 Devices size up?”

Windows Phone 8 Devices Comparison Chart

For the longest time, everyone has been wanting us to do in depth comparisons between all the main Windows Phone 8 devices as announced so far, so we thought ok then, we will, and here are our two comparison tables of Nokia, HTC and Samsungs high end range and Nokia and HTCs midrange. KEY: We’veContinue reading “Windows Phone 8 Devices Comparison Chart”

Nokia ‘Switch to Lumia’ event overview

NOKIA yesterday hosted a Switch to Lumia conference as part of NOKIA World in the great US to announce new Windows Phone 8 announcements and hardware. The event was to be the only one of the day, prior to rumours of a separate Nokia and Microsoft event. Introduction Nokia CEO kicked off Nokia’s ‘Switch toContinue reading “Nokia ‘Switch to Lumia’ event overview”