Holiday Blog Sunday 7th August 2011

Having not posted anything throughout the month of July you’re probably thinking my god Ben you are just taking the piss in the laws of laziness, well … kinda, but its the holidays so everyone is kinda occupied and of course I’ve been undergoing a massive revamp of the RKUK Media website so things haveContinue reading “Holiday Blog Sunday 7th August 2011”

Blog Saturday 7th November 2009

These past few months I have discovered something which is rather annoying to me personally and, well, in general and is really starting to effect me as a person, and thats the fact that I have a dull life. Seriously, ever since I started level 3 course, which I have to say I cannot stand,Continue reading “Blog Saturday 7th November 2009”

Blog Sunday 7th June 2009

This blog is waaay overdue, been so busy which is unusual, well, that and the fact I couldn’t be bothered writing the blog, anyway back to the story, which to be honest is not rather eventful. Since my blog a surprising revelation occurred on Britain’s Got Talent to the fact that Susan Boyle came second,Continue reading “Blog Sunday 7th June 2009”

Blog Sunday 7th December 2008

Today in the damn crows household we now have christmas decorations, err WOO! Apart from that I’ve nothing to report, in fact I’ve no idea why I’m posting this blog. Anywho, I’ve almost finished the bad side of christmas, that is of course me buying for people, ugghh, and I’ve also had a developement onContinue reading “Blog Sunday 7th December 2008”

Blog Monday 7th July – "Poor Duncan"

Not much of an enjoyable day today seen as good ol Duncan been having dangerous pains thanks to Ben’s bike. Basically, picture the scene if you dare, me Ben Hunter and Rob bike riding to IKEA and back, except I get a bike too big and bright yellow, “you can manage” you might say, IContinue reading “Blog Monday 7th July – "Poor Duncan"”

Blog Wednesday 7th May 2008

If anyone is a fan of the Keane font that was exclusively used on the UTIS album and singles, RKUK have a download link on MP3ME section, also, Nathan I haven’t forgotton, Elvis will be put on, I’ve been given a list and they will be added! Today I swept through an IT exam, MrContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 7th May 2008”

Blog Monday 7th April 2008

If waking up falling on a plug and badly hurting my arm wasn’t enough and then back to school!!! Today I finished the counter we started back in 20th March for the holiday season, almost got 50K views in two weeks on RKUK Online which is pretty slick, visit RKUK Online by clicking this linkContinue reading “Blog Monday 7th April 2008”