Apple iPhone Event confirmed for October 4th!

Apple iPhone Event Announced Confirmed by Apple through invites, the upcoming October 4th Event that had been cerculating around the rumour-mill for a while has been confirmed to be taking place in the form of a simple Apple invitation. Around this time of the year is usually where we expect to hear about updates toContinue reading “Apple iPhone Event confirmed for October 4th!”

Blog Monday 4th January 2010 – First Blog of 2010

Welcome to my first blog of 2010. Since my last blog, Christmas has happened, my less than epic new year celebration and my first day of College … kinda. Christmas Christmas Day was always going to be a bit less of a Christmas Day based on the fact this is the first year I’m notContinue reading “Blog Monday 4th January 2010 – First Blog of 2010”

Blog Thursday 4th December 2008

Expect: Rob and disabled, Unexpected Revelation, PC Down Again, RKUK Xmas Section +more! Rob and disabled! Don’t think I mentioned before, if I have your hearing again, Rob went to an ice rink and returned in an ambulance after a visit to A&E, I won’t give you the full story but he’s on crutches …Continue reading “Blog Thursday 4th December 2008”

Blog Tuesday 4th November 2008

Expect : Carrying boobs across a muddy field, Camping birthday bang, MacBook Plan, + More ——- Sunday is normally a relaxing day and nothing really happens, then around 9PM is turned out I was going down to Robs to set of to Ben’s mysterious birthday party which is in the middle of a field, whichContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 4th November 2008”

Weekend Blog Sat 4th – Sun 5th October 2008

This weekend has been pretty much average really, on Saturday I decided to close my blog on Blogger, although I’ll still be visiting Sam’s new blog as it is, what you could say, err interesting, to say the least. His way of talking about Emily is very strange yet hilarious, especially when he says wordsContinue reading “Weekend Blog Sat 4th – Sun 5th October 2008”

Blog Friday 4th April 2008

Got up about 4:30PM, bluddy alarm and crap quilt, but enough about that! Today I’ve added another MP3ME, this time for Fightstar for you rockers out their! Got quite stressed when Carly started insulting me for no reason, but she stopped, finally!!! Thats all girls do to me is insult me, huh. Seriously I needContinue reading “Blog Friday 4th April 2008”