Blog Monday 31st January 2011 – What I Miss?

What better way to welcome in to 2011 by doing the first blog of the year on the last Monday in January, otherwise known as the worst day of the year, hmm, fitting, anyway we’ll see how it goes. Well, January’s been an interesting month I suppose, and seen as I’m kinda having to go over it all in one gulp, weContinue reading “Blog Monday 31st January 2011 – What I Miss?”

Blog Tuesday 31st March 2009

Well just a quickie to the chippie this one, another one to update you that I’m still alive. In this expect a MacBook update, well genuinely an update! WINDOWS USERS READ BOTTOM PARAGRAPH, COULD BE VERY IMPORTANT!!! MacBook Annoyingly for me, the macbook is now with an Apple Retailer to be repaired and today weContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 31st March 2009”

Blog Saturday 31st January 2009

Expect: Back to XP woo, Demons 5, Bday, Night out and more! BDay Just to let cha know, my birthday is next week Wednesday 3rd February, which based on weather reports could be white, snow reports for next week are really picking up on the news. Why am I telling you this, well because it’sContinue reading “Blog Saturday 31st January 2009”

Weekend Blog 30th – 31st May 2008

This weekend has been yet another busy one, I found this video from YouTube provided by blamesocietyfilms which is too epic, seriously! CLick link let the vid play! Elsewhere I created 1234 pages on my site now, which is quite good I think, I might even have enough space to fit some plans ontoContinue reading “Weekend Blog 30th – 31st May 2008”