Muse – The 2nd Law Album Review

Muse are set to release their highly anticipated sixth album The 2nd Law, which follows their previous album The Resistance. With The 2nd Law, Muse have definitely taken everything they’ve learned from previous albums and added some new flavours, either way, this is one album that definitely makes you look again!  Supremacy Supremacy doesn’t halfContinue reading “Muse – The 2nd Law Album Review”

Muse – Madness (Single Review)

Introduction Madness is kinda just that really, madness! The song kicks off with a very simplistic drum beat that keeps through the entire song, with ascents of ‘Undisclosed Desires’ at the start, but Muse fans don’t fear, the highly expected epicness begins in the middle, just like on Olympic single Survival (review here), and thatsContinue reading “Muse – Madness (Single Review)”

Blur to release new single on July 2nd 2012

We all got woke up with a little surprise today at RKUK Media, as Blur have announced that, The Puritan, a song previewed by Damon Albarn at one of his Dr Dee gigs recently, will not only be a Blur single, but be released on July 2nd, which is pretty awesome. Blur have been veryContinue reading “Blur to release new single on July 2nd 2012”

Blog Friday April 2nd 2010 – Trip 2, Theatre…ish, HTC Desire, I Hate Maestro and more!

Well, happy Friday to you all, todays been quite a boring day for many reasons, which I’ll get to, but before all this … other things have happened. Wednesday Wednesday was our last day of College, as such anyway, in reality we finished on Tuesday and had something to go to on Wednesday which involvedContinue reading “Blog Friday April 2nd 2010 – Trip 2, Theatre…ish, HTC Desire, I Hate Maestro and more!”

Blog Friday 2nd October 2009 – Single, Olympics 2016, iPhone on 3 networks and more!

Welcome to the life of a guy who can’t have a decent relationship over the period of what, a day, which lets be frank is longer than a lot previously to be honest, but ya know what I’m still happy, to be honest you should always leave a relationship with a positive attitude, I meanContinue reading “Blog Friday 2nd October 2009 – Single, Olympics 2016, iPhone on 3 networks and more!”

Blog Tuesday 11th August 2009 – Week alone, Sleep overs, New Apple Purchase and more!

You know when you feel tired at the wrong time, well I do now, just to let ya know that. Anyway, back to the story in hand, … … OH YES, the blog! Week Alone Call me weird, but I love it when the house is empty, and I got a real treat last weekContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 11th August 2009 – Week alone, Sleep overs, New Apple Purchase and more!”

Blog Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd May 2009 – A Robful Weekend

Summary Ok, so here’s a brief run down over the events of the weekend. Basically, Friday was Rob’s kinda “oo lets go out” time and we ended up going from Weatherspoons in Cleck to Huddersfield of all places until we got pretty rat assed, then whilst all seems to be over, the banta continues onContinue reading “Blog Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd May 2009 – A Robful Weekend”

Blog Monday 2nd March 2009

Just thought I’d throw one in, new month and all. Do you ever have such a busy time that you actually completely forget it, well guess what, that’s my excuse for not posting blogs recently, I’m forgetting all that’s happened during the day by the time it gets to the end of the day, ratherContinue reading “Blog Monday 2nd March 2009”

Blog Monday 2nd February 2009 – Snowed Under

Don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s been snowing and probably is now, this of course meaning a smashing relaxing day yeh, well maybe not relaxing but better than usual. I was rather annoyed actually as I went to the bus stop today to go to college, arrived at college, then went in to theContinue reading “Blog Monday 2nd February 2009 – Snowed Under”

Blog Friday 2nd May 2008

I can’t believe people are still going on about Chris’ ordeal yesterday, unbelievable “I know broadband for £6.99 a month” sorry couldn’t resist! Elsewhere was a random English lesson, boring IT lesson with DuLally (Mr Lally) and to add to that a highly amusing Maths test! Back to Chris, in the morning Chris got aContinue reading “Blog Friday 2nd May 2008”

2nd April 2008 Blog

Today I finished on a song I was forever stuck on yesterday, did the classic begin but never end, also released Selection 51 as well, 7 pre-orders thanks to GYJ Media for those. As for RKUK Online, I’ve added Keane B-Sides to MP3ME meaning all Keane tracks are available to listen to at no costContinue reading “2nd April 2008 Blog”