Blog Monday 28th June 2010

Good day y’all, well it would be if it hadn’t been boiling yesterday … and today, and the fact that I had to go out today in the warm because I was betrayed by the Government, but hey. Since my last blog, which admittedly wasn’t that long ago, but I made a promise (roll theContinue reading “Blog Monday 28th June 2010”

Blog Monday 28th September 2009 – Quite a nice Monday really!

Now I am what you could call an opposite to everything, what do I mean, well, caffeine makes me wake up rather than tired, that sorta thing, and today I proved another one of those things is correct. Have you heard the term shattered glass brings bad luck, or is it just mirrors, hmm, letsContinue reading “Blog Monday 28th September 2009 – Quite a nice Monday really!”

Blog Friday 28th August 2009 – Enroll Day, Snow Leopard tracking and more!

Today I enrolled at college, tracked my Snow Leopard order and err… yeh! Return to College Today was the second enroll I’ve had to go through, this time for level 3 in ICT, rather than level 2 last year, obviously … go figure! Anyway, can I just start by saying how hard can it beContinue reading “Blog Friday 28th August 2009 – Enroll Day, Snow Leopard tracking and more!”

Blog Wednesday 28th January 2009 – Apple iLife ’09 now shipping, beat that Microsoft!

Oh yeh, just to let you all know that Apple are now shipping iLife ’09 with all new Macs and as an upgrade for £79 or you can get it for £58 if you visit the RKUK Apple Store, we’ve loads of discounts for you there, seriously recommend it, goto RKUK Online then scroll downContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 28th January 2009 – Apple iLife ’09 now shipping, beat that Microsoft!”

Blog Tuesday 28th October 2008 – Meadowhall and MacBooks

On Monday I went to Meadowhall which was brilliant, but unfortunately wasn’t the simpleton Rob and Me as I had hoped, it wasn’t Ben but that wasn’t the point, it was Grandad and Caddy, yep the dreadful C. It turned out to be OK really, we seperated whilst in Meadowhall, so it then was meContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 28th October 2008 – Meadowhall and MacBooks”

Blog Saturday 28th June 2008

This weekend hasn’t really been as epic as the last one, James H is over at Aarons so I’ve been with them lot pretty much all the time, don’t really like them that much but neither have Bebo or visit my website so I can say what I like. Quite jealous that James has aContinue reading “Blog Saturday 28th June 2008”

Blog Monday 28th April 2008

Today was like most Mondays really, until I.T when I upset a technician by launching my own web browser through their computers, for some reason he seemed offended, typical technician, he didn’t even know how it was made, heh, the shame! Meanwhile nothing much, speaking of the browser, you can download the browser for freeContinue reading “Blog Monday 28th April 2008”