Blog Saturday 26th September 2009 – 2 Weeks of College, IKEA Trolley, Selection 74 and more!

Can you believe its nearly an entire month since I did a personal blog, I’m telling ya that is a record, something which I think needs to stop now, one, so it’ll be easy to beat it again! No, not really, but ya know, its been a while! Since my previous blog I’ve been chasedContinue reading “Blog Saturday 26th September 2009 – 2 Weeks of College, IKEA Trolley, Selection 74 and more!”

Blog Friday 26th December 2008

Expect: Xmas Gifts Revealed, MacBook as close as next week, plus err… more Xmas Gifts Revealed Yep, I got it, the Apple iPod Touch, as you know the iPod Touch comes in three versions, and like with the iPhone 3G memory is the only real difference*. So, which did I get, well I told myContinue reading “Blog Friday 26th December 2008”

Blog Wednesday 26th November 2008

Expect: Annoying Jonathon Finally Gets Busted | Selection 62 | Black Friday | and more! Annoying Jonathon Finally Gets Busted Yeh start with the funny one, now as you know Emily, is a dream of elegant beauty and who is in the dreams of many, but today I witnessed what I like to call (BUMM)Continue reading “Blog Wednesday 26th November 2008”

Blog Wednesday 26th May 2008

I’ve never had such a busy holiday, seriously! Yesterday once again I didn’t have a blog because I was too busy, god this is quite exausting! Yesterday we got a bit of Dr Conrad Movie filming done by going to Leeds! It was actually quite amusing even though we did only get a minimul amountContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 26th May 2008”

Bank Holiday Weekend Blog 23rd-26th May 2008

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t expect the eurovision results, anyway, in certain days this weekend we were suppose to be recording Dr Conrad and everytime thats come so far we either can’t be assed or someone doesn’t turn up but Tuesday is going to be the day of beginning! I’m telling yaContinue reading “Bank Holiday Weekend Blog 23rd-26th May 2008”