Blog Sunday 24th January 2010 – New iMac and more

Well this has been a rather exciting weekend to be honest, well lets face it I’ve had an exciting Sunday. First of all I’ve got a 21.5″ iMac for £732, more on why it was that much in a minute. The iMac I’ve got has a 3.06Ghz Intel dual core processor, 4GB of DDR3 RAM,Continue reading “Blog Sunday 24th January 2010 – New iMac and more”

Blog Saturday 24th October 2009

I’m fresh from just doing the X-Factor tweeting and thanks to all the people who have @’d me with feedback from the show, anyway back to the blog, and may I just say what is wrong with me a lately, I haven’t been writing much blog recently have I, and ya know what the excuseContinue reading “Blog Saturday 24th October 2009”

Blog Tuesday 24th February 2009

Haven’t got much to report to ya at the moment, I’ve had my MacBook for a day over a week now and I just thought I’d assure you that I absolutely love it and have had absolutely no problems with it, just like my iPod Touch, Apple products just do what they should do andContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 24th February 2009”

Blog Saturday 24th January 2009 – Demons Update, Windows 7 "Aero Shake" and more!

Yeh this is an informative blog, not personal. Demons Episode 4 – Suckers Bad boy vampire Quincey (Ciaran McMenamin) is on the scene and causing havoc around London with his band of half-life misfits. Galvin and Luke must stop him, but there is more to Quincey than meets the eye. Luke discovers that Mina isContinue reading “Blog Saturday 24th January 2009 – Demons Update, Windows 7 "Aero Shake" and more!”

Blog Tuesday 24th June 2008

Yesterday was amazing, me, Rob and Ben Hunter went to Meadowhall plainly for me and Rob to visit an Apple Store and all been well I’ll have a MacBook by end of June atleast, possibly earlier! Today we did filming, we did filming on Monday but to be honest we really couldn’t be bothered, todayContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 24th June 2008”

Blog Thursday 24th April 2008

As much as I’d love to say today was as epic as yesterday, unfortunately not, to be honest I haven’t really noticed today to be honest, all I’ve done is, me and Rob went Fiat Chiquento watching, don’t ask, Dr Conrad treatment kicking in again!!! If anyone plays lottery and can’t guess good numbers youContinue reading “Blog Thursday 24th April 2008”