Classic The Late Late Show 2010 – Stephen Fry Special [CLASSIC] The Late Late Show 23rd February 2010 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Here’s a classic episode of The Late Late Show featuring Stephen Fry. In 2010, Craig Ferguson and Stephen Fry did a whole show without an audience, and what was the result, well an award winning episode of The LateContinue reading “Classic The Late Late Show 2010 – Stephen Fry Special”

Blog Tuesday 23rd February 2010 – Week Off!, What? More snow! and more!

My last blog was indeed a while ago, gotta stop doing this, mainly because I’m always fed up of typing all day, but hey I’m doing it now, actually to see if my Apple Wireless Keyboard will ever leave 100% battery life, its amazing! Anyway, back to the blog! As usual as its a longContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 23rd February 2010 – Week Off!, What? More snow! and more!”

Blog Christmas Eve … Eve December 23rd 2009

Welcome to the eve of Christmas Eve, oh yes, its almost Christmas, as in its only 2 days as of writing this, but to be honest I’m actually not looking forward to Christmas this year, I’m not saying I’m a Scrooge, although I do hate snow, which the weather has definitely been delivering rather worldwideContinue reading “Blog Christmas Eve … Eve December 23rd 2009”

Blog Tuesday 23rd June 2009 – The Devil's Rectum + 2 Weeks in a Paragraph

What’s been going on, it’s been more or less 2 weeks since my last blog, busy? Not really. Eventful? Well …. had the moments, some in which are just wrong! Monday and The Devil’s Rectum The title is not to be ignored lightly because that’s what it was, it was the waters of hell! AnywayContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 23rd June 2009 – The Devil's Rectum + 2 Weeks in a Paragraph”

Bank Holiday Weekend Blog 23rd-26th May 2008

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t expect the eurovision results, anyway, in certain days this weekend we were suppose to be recording Dr Conrad and everytime thats come so far we either can’t be assed or someone doesn’t turn up but Tuesday is going to be the day of beginning! I’m telling yaContinue reading “Bank Holiday Weekend Blog 23rd-26th May 2008”

Blog Wednesday 23rd April 2008

Today four good things happened, I’ll explain through this blog, today was quite a normal day until the end of school time when I had to go to English for an hour that was hilarious, me, Adam and Nathan, and I suppose the rest were kinda joining in as well, we we’re all making MissContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 23rd April 2008”