Blog Sunday 21st August 2011

Well, its been two weeks since my last blog which is already against the whole new schedule thingy I was supposed to be doing, oh joy I’ve failed already. Who Needs Social Networks? I challenged myself this week by going a whole week without social networks, in which I’m still in the middle of actually.Continue reading “Blog Sunday 21st August 2011”

Blog Monday 21st March 2011

Well it’s been an interesting few weeks to say the least … OK it hasn’t, but hey you can’t complain over trying to be possitive … oh you can, great. Lets just get on with it hey! College Despite having a massive tiresome ses all week College hasn’t actually been that bad, well if youContinue reading “Blog Monday 21st March 2011”

Blog Wednesday 21st April 2010 – 2 Week Hols, Dentist ugh and more

Yes, I do still write blogs, bloody ages since my last one, well bloggity one. Anyway, back to the story, god saying it already. Since our last outing, a 2 week holiday and err … yeah! 2 Week Hols Just finished a two week hols, wasn’t bad but the probably main annoying thing about isContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 21st April 2010 – 2 Week Hols, Dentist ugh and more”

Blog Wednesday 21st – Thursday 22nd May 2009 – Birthday Randomness & The Theatre!!!

Yeh, it’s kinda all been happening in two days alately, probably the most eventful two-day combo I’ve had, … yep I don’t know what I’m braggin about either, let’s get started anyway! Wednesday Welcome to Wednesday, dunno why I did that but anyway. Wednesday was very very mixed day really, it started at college obviouslyContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 21st – Thursday 22nd May 2009 – Birthday Randomness & The Theatre!!!”

Blog Sunday 21st December 2008 – Xmas No1 and MacBook Price Plan

Expect: Xmas No.1, New MacBook Method, +more! Xmas No.1 Don’t know if anyone guessed but surprise surprise it was indeed X-Factor’s Alexandra Burke with her highly christmasy, not song ‘Hallelujah’. Its not so bad, better than the original anyway! New MacBook Method As you know the most desirable notebook on the planet is of courseContinue reading “Blog Sunday 21st December 2008 – Xmas No1 and MacBook Price Plan”

Blog Wednesday 21st May 2008

Yep, no blog yesterday, not because nothing happened because too much happended and I quickly realized the time. Dr Conrad Movie was postponed originally due to money but yesterday thanks to Episode X we have over 15 people interested in a part and are donating cash towards Dr Conrad, we got £400 just yesterday whichContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 21st May 2008”

Blog Monday 21st April 2008

Year 10s are back and don’t we bluddy know it, the school is crowded as hell, funny to hear about Aaron’s experience at ASDA!!! Overall today was alright actually, nought out of the usual, I was almost bord to the fact that the day was the same as always, eh! I’m sure everyone knows aboutContinue reading “Blog Monday 21st April 2008”