Apple Updates 20th July 2011 – OSX Lion, MacBook Airs replace MacBooks and more!

Ah Apple, love em or hate them you can’t ignore them, and today Apple made a team of updates all at once. Mac OS X Lionfinally got released for the bargain price of £20.99, Apple unleashed new MacBook Airs and Mac Mini updates, stopped selling the white MacBook, released a new 64-bit capable version of iTunes for Lion, and released new Cinema Display. Toadd to that Apple have recordContinue reading “Apple Updates 20th July 2011 – OSX Lion, MacBook Airs replace MacBooks and more!”

Blog Friday 20th February 2009 – The Holiday as Whole!

Well, it’s the end of another holiday season and to be honest it’s been a pretty good one and one with rather exiting results, and I will attempt to make this short and sweet. MacBook The week started of absolutely great, and I think Monday was the best day of the week to be honest,Continue reading “Blog Friday 20th February 2009 – The Holiday as Whole!”

Blog Tuesday 20th January 2009

Today was a weird day for me, I don’t know why but something just wasn’t there and I don’t know what that means so lets move on. SXEphil If your up to hearing the latest big news and you would love it if it was funny sarcastic and someone could make the news sound soContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 20th January 2009”

Blog Thursday 20th November 2008

Since my last blog I have been attacked by a pidgeon, envied an american and tripped over a pencil, yeh, it is all happening now!!! Wednesdays at college used to be just as bad as Mondays as they were the only days that were full days, today being the day off, yeaah! But now WednesdaysContinue reading “Blog Thursday 20th November 2008”

Blog Monday 20th October 2008 – Longly Awaited!!!

Expect: Keane’s Second Single, MacBook reviews are out, Action Replay annoyance, Protocol album, Unexpected pub visits! —— My last blog was about the new aluminium MacBooks and now the reviews are out and, its all positive, they can game, do Vista better than Vista PCs ? I know. The only thing which is bad isContinue reading “Blog Monday 20th October 2008 – Longly Awaited!!!”

Weekend Blog 19th-20th April 2008

Better late than never This weekend I’ve managed to team up with RLP to create the first RKUK Web Browser which I’m very proud of! You can download it by visiting the download page below; — That page also has information and any help on the browser is also featured on that page! AlsoContinue reading “Weekend Blog 19th-20th April 2008”

Blog Monday 7th April 2008

If waking up falling on a plug and badly hurting my arm wasn’t enough and then back to school!!! Today I finished the counter we started back in 20th March for the holiday season, almost got 50K views in two weeks on RKUK Online which is pretty slick, visit RKUK Online by clicking this linkContinue reading “Blog Monday 7th April 2008”